May 24, 2009

Oh NO!!!

Well, my weekend has come to an end!! It was so short and went so fast. However every minute was glorious and memorable. The real problem is that I kinda forgot to take pictures. You know we were just so busy! Here is the ONLY picture I took:
Goes to show what my priority is.... FOOD! This is our fondue spread. Fruit, brownies, cake, some marshies... all to dip in chocolate.

And you would probably be HORRIFIED to know that I only made ONE card. Yup, ONE. I was too busy talking and cooking and eating but let me tell you, I don't really mind one bit. I guess you could say our 'weekend' was more like 24 hrs. than the entire weekend (cause we all have family responsibilities and we have to go to church tomorrow!) and our 'stamping' was more chatting and being together as friends. However one friend did really well and made a lot of cards (she is always so much more focused than the rest of us). Since she did so well, I feel that stamping was a success.

The one card I made can be seen tomorrow for the first Cutting Cafe challenge at 365 Cards. Can't wait to show you! It was super late when I made it (what, with so much chatting!) and my brain was so tired from all the days prep that it took a long time to put it together. I figure that's why I didn't get more done. But I am planning on participating in all the Cutting Cafe challenges this week, so be sure to check back every day to see the cute images they sell. Everyone at 365 Cards is SO excited and we hope you are too!

Until then I want to leave you with a recipe that I just absolutely LOVE! I found it in the Rachael Ray Magazine last month and it is TO DIE FOR! *Bumble Berry Napoleons*
 You can read all about it HERE.  The picture alone is enough to make you ache and trust me when I say, you want to try this recipe. It is so wonderful you will be using it again and again. I know I will be using for all my summer entertaining. And just a quick note, if you are a recipe alter-er... try to refrain. This one is perfect the way it is. I have tried it enough to know! ; )

see you tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Kristi, I am so glad you had fun, because that was what it is all about. I know when I get together with a group, like you did, I always expect to get buckets done, but really the best time is the eating and chatting, and you do get some fun tips from everyone.

Shari said...

Oh yum Fondue! I love Fondue!

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