Oct 30, 2009

Trick Or Treat: Witchy Legs!

YAY! Finally I have some internet access. It has been in and out for the last two days and I am so excited to be able to say HI to you all, finally!!! A little Trick Or Treat for you today:

And just in case you are up for a little blog hopping tonight, check out Design Mom today. A friend of mine is doing Halloween posts all week there and today there is a little photo of yours truly dressed up for Halloween (circa 2006). Its actually the same thing that we are going as this year, and what's funny is I have a 6 month baby bump again! This year's crayon costumes have come into play mostly because of time restraints. I just couldn't rally together anything that took time or extensive thought process. Anyway. My friend Kristy has some great Halloween costume tips and of course Gabby and her Design Mom blog just can't be beat so have fun browsing!

Oh, and don't forget to join in the blog candy post from yesterday. Leave me a comment and you can be a winner! Sorry I couldn't get my links up in time. The cable guy will hopefully take care of the problem tomorrow (although there seems to be no problem now... go figure!?)

Take care... will be back tomorrow.

All items from Oct. Mac Mae Card Kit


Kathy C. said...

Had to laugh at the ribbon skirt on the witchies. :D

Kage said...

I love this card. That's stamps?

~amy~ said...

such a fun card kristie...love the ribbon treatment...

thanks for saying something about Design Mom...tooo funny....I follow her blog too. I had to pop over there again:)

Anonymous said...

Adorable card, thanks for sharing, it is a hoot!!!!

Natasha said...

those witchy legs are adorable! Love it!

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