Oct 31, 2009

Halloween Tags

Holy Halloween Batman! I just keep finding these photos of stuff I have made this year and can't believe I made so much. What was I thinking???!  Maybe its because the stamps are just too darn cute? 
Anyway. I figure as long as I have the photos already cropped and ready to go, I might as well post them. If you are OVER THE TOP with Halloween, you can just skip this post. Or the last 5 for that matter ; ) I will not have my feelings hurt. These tags ended up on some bags of caramel corn. I found this fabulous recipe online, (which I now can't find since I need to link to it!). I would have taken a photo of the bags (they turned out cute) but really, I want you to like me and keep coming back and any more Halloween photos would probably make you turn against me! (although I do have ONE more for trick or treating)

The cards you see have yet to be used, which makes me feel so lame. They will just sit until next year I guess? I should have sent them to my mother! Anyway, I know I keep saying I am going to bed, and I am... right. now.
see you-

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~amy~ said...

happy halloween! sweet tags kristie!

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