Jun 28, 2008

Today I went into The Ink Pad which as far as I can tell is the ONLY stamp store in Manhattan. I'm sure that's not entirely accurate, but my searches have come up with little. I have been in love with some Hero Arts stamps and didn't want to order them online. I don't know why. I think because I figure it's easy to order (and spend way too much $) when you are in front of your computer, but it takes a lot to schlepp the kid (s) into the city to a TINY stamp store, so you must REALLY love the stamps. And I think they were each a dollar more in the store than you can get online, so pretty much I'm just confirming to you that I'm an idiot. Next time, I will shop online. 

However, in my defense, this scheme has been working for about three weeks, and I wasn't even planning on buying them at all!  I realized I "had" to have them suddenly now because I have been asked by my mother to help her and the sisters stamp some cards while I'm in Utah this next month. I want to do something simple and easy and really thought these would do the trick. I saw a card on the Hero Arts site that I liked, that put these two stamps together, so I got them. Plus The Ink Pad has a coupon out every month, so I had to go use it!!

Anyway, here are the stamps. What do you think? Cute, but simple. Modern and elegant right??

Yup, thought you would like them. I do too.

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