Jun 22, 2008

Taylored Expressions Cupcake Challenge #21

I was freaking out this week because I wanted to make really cute cards for Ronin's teachers, but didn't have any ideas. Then I got Taylor's Cupcake Challenge #21 and it REALLY helped with the layout. 

I'm pretty sure I cased all the ideas on it though from other bloggers I have seen using this set. Thanks Alli, & Jen, These really worked to help pull the card together. No more panic, just excitement to give out these cards!

Here is Taylor's Cupcake Challenge for this week:

Here's my take on it: 

ok, I just barely realized I forgot the half circle on the right side. lame man! total missed opportunity!! Must fix it. Will try to repost.
 Wow, now I know its missing, this card looks really bare.


Lindsay said...

Its a very cute card, even with out the half circle... seems like we are both a little forgetful this week, on my cupcake card I forgot the 3 embellishments on the left hand side...

Still, Im sure the teacher will love it!

Taylor said...

Super cute! Looks great even without the circle in the background! Love the pencils along the side!

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed I couldn't tell what half circle you were talking about. I think it is great the way it is!! Grandma in Utah

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