Jun 7, 2008

Daddy's Gone

Patrick is out of town this weekend. He is working in Logan, Utah doing Into The Woods at The Utah Festival Opera Company.  This is where both Patrick and I attended college and I think it would be really weird to be back there. (I will have my chance when we go see the show in July and hopefully live to tell about it.) So far today I haven't talked to him since he's been in meetings all day. Not much different than when he is here! His design is great though and we are really hoping it comes off without a hitch. This of course, is every set designers dream and not every set designers reality. Hopefully he will come home in good spirits (he always does) and with good pics to share.

A few things though, about when dad goes out of town; A lot of people think it would be play play play, but that is not the case. That IS what it is like when I am gone, however.  I'm definitely the less fun of the two parents I would say, but I guess it needs to be that way for balance and sanity. 

No, when dad's away that means the kids go to bed earlier (cause I just want some peace already!) Mommy can't sleep because the bed is too empty, she doesn't get to sleep in because there is no else to deal with the kids  AND (the worst of them all) the dishes pile up in the sink.
I hate, I say HATE doing the dishes. I have been walking by them for a while (I will NOT say how long they have been sitting there). I just can't bring myself to touch them. The excuse? Just plain old fashioned laziness, (and today I have been a bit busy).  If we had a cockroach problem, they would all be living it up in my sink right now. (ok. that's gross.) If I don't start being better about these dishes we WILL have a cockroach problem. But still I have a hard time getting them done. Right now I have so many dishes in the sink I will have to do them in batches because not all will fit in the dish drainer at once. OH, to have a dishwasher. What would that be like?  Well, I do have a dishwasher and he is out of town! It's very difficult to get by.

So we are only on day 1 of dad being gone and already we are complete wrecks.  We will try to make it the weekend without you.
Come home soon dishwasher,... I mean DAD!!

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