Jun 7, 2008

Craft Alert!! Stamp Simply #38 Challenge

I decided to participate in the Stamp Simply Challenge because it is just my cup of tea. When you stamp (or do any kind of art stuff) you need SPACE! This is precisely what I don't have. I live in 1000 sq. feet of an over stuffed, kid infested apartment. So since I do have interests and need them to keep me sane, (I mentioned kids didn't I ?) I realized that while I may want a lot of things I only have the room for some things. So I have tried hard to limit my crafting supply to the things I absolutely need to keep me happy. So in short, I have to stamp simply.
I put this card together with the mind to make it a small set like I saw on Mish Mash  which she saw here. I thought it would make a nice gift. Just need to fashion up a box of sorts which I will case from someone, just don't know who yet. (*insert evil laugh here*)

The cards are quick and easy and I really do love the simplicity of them. I have only just started embossing. I swore I wouldn't start because of the things you need, but the heating gun I got really doesn't take up much space and I got it for 50% off, so really, could I say no? I really like the look of embossing, but do need to practice practice practice. I'm covered in powder from head to toe. * Note to self: Don't Sneeze!

Stamp: PTI Father Know's Best, Faux Ribbon (sentiment)
Paper: PTI Father Know's Best 6x6 pack, Summer Sunrise CS; Stampers Select White CS
Ink: SU! White Craft


Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Hi Kristie - how nice to get to know you!!! And I am SO honored that your first challenge ever was the Stamp Simply Challenge -- so honored -- thank you!!! Now, your project is fabulous!!!! I love it -- great use of a solid image stamp and I love your color and layout -- just a wonderful job!!! Thank you so much for playing!!! And, yes, sneezing is BAD when you have an open jar of embossing powder -- LOL!!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Oh, I also meant to say, your link worked fine - it clicked -- no need to copy and paste -- you did it just right!!!

Barb Schram said...

Hi Kristie! I just came from Sharons blog to your creation! Love it and the the layout with the colors and embellishments is terrific!

Natasha said...

how big are the cards? I have SEVERAL box tutorials I have found and downloaded I would be more than happy to share! Such cute cards by the way. I LOVE the colors!

Angelnorth said...

This is lovely - the ribbon lacing up the side is such a gorgeous touch! I just did my fist Stamp Simply challenge too, I love it when you can get great results like yours with pretty minimal supplies!

kristie said...

these are 4x4 cards. i would love any boxes you think my suit. thanks!

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