Jul 3, 2008

Am I Addicted??

I'm sitting here in the quiet of the house. Patrick is still at work, the kids are in bed and I was going to take some things over to the storage locker, but the place is closed. I just finished the book I was reading and now realize that I have NOTHING to do. 

I am itching to make a card. And I can't. I have packed away ALL my supplies. Most of it is in my suitcase waiting for Utah, some of it's in storage waiting for our open house to be over. 

I think I might die. I keep searching my bloglines for any crafting posts I may have missed. I want to read about it and then make something. anything. pleeease!
I think I have a serious problem. My card making addiction is Real.  And who would-a thunk it? I certainly didn't think I would be so interested in it all.

Maybe I will call someone. Kind of like a card sponsor. Maybe I should call ANN, who got me started on all this stuff and is probably laughing hysterically at my inability to find balance in my stamping life. Boy, do I have a craving. What am I gonna do about it?

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The Ann McGrawnicles said...

I know how you feel!!! (Throw in maniacal laughter here....just kidding.) So sorry you're without stamps! My big problem lately is that I have so much stuff that I really do need a craft room. That way I could work on projects to my hearts content without having to go through the high-level tetris game of putting everything away just so that we can walk across the living room. Sigh. Someday. Well, now that you're in Utah you'll be able to get some stamping in. I'm so glad. Have fun!!!!

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