Jun 26, 2008

School Gifts; FINAL PHASE!!

Oh boy. I finally got the school gifts finished! Yesterday I had asked the teacher when the best day to bring them in were and she said today. GULP! I had yet to get my PTI package with the extra Kraft paper I needed. I went home calculating what I could do instead and wouldn't you know it, when I got there, my package had come! So I got moving last night getting the crayon holders pulled together. Luckily I had done some prep work waiting for the kraft paper to show, so getting them together proved to be pretty quick. So here they are in all their glory. Too bad I didn't get any "action" photos. I was too busy putting them together.

You can  see that I wasn't too original on design or the images chosen. For that many kids, I just couldn't do more. Plus you should see how torn up Ronin's book is. I have to tape it together everyday. So I figured the less stuff to get caught on things, or ripped off or the like, the better,  Ronin was so excited to take them to school today. It's the first day since January (when he started) that he has actually asked me if we could go. And he asked more than once. I'm glad he is finally liking it, now that it's over!

Here's what I put in for the teachers:

These little bags are 3 for 1$ at Michael's, I stamped using Stazon Ink since the bags are a plastic-y sort of fabric with a pretty big weave. See Alli's post. 
I kept them very simple as compared to that post, but I thought this way they could re-use them. Cause I always like things to be multipurpose. I put in it a thank you card for each teacher and a post-it note holder with a pen. You can see them here:

I used my new PTI Guidelines Stamp set which is absolutely AMAZING!! You can make your own paper and its elegant and simple and very timeless. You must try this set!!
And thats it! Finally school is done, and it's off for a looooong  month in Utah for a vacation. 


Alli Miles said...

Wow your teacher gifts are amazing!

Anonymous said...

WOW! WOW! They are amazing! You do such excellent work! See you in Utah! Grandma

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