Jun 21, 2008

School Gifts: Phase 2

My new school stamp set showed up today. YEAH!!!! I have been playing around with it a little bit, in between cleaning, cooking and child rearing. I haven't much done so far. 

Last night I had the supplies I needed to put together 10 books. I worked on the boys books covering them with cardstock and patterned paper. I even colored some rockets, airplanes and helicopters. Put them on the front and then used rub-ons to add the child's name. Now here's the lame part: Apparently I had enough cardstock for 14 books and didn't count right. SO here is me, working along, covering 14 books with boy paper and such, not even noticing! OH NO!!! I only need 8 boy books and 4 girl books. But covered them ALL with boy paper. So now the girls books look a little boyish, but I figure it might be ok since I really don't want to push the stereotype that girls are pink and flowery and boys are blue and truck-y. You know. SO I figure I can find another image to take place of the rocket etc. and just work with the patterned paper. Sigh, first tragedy averted. 

I leave my project for a few hours to make dinner tonight. Patrick comes home, we put Cache to bed. Ronin is asking for an orange pen. I tell him to find it himself. Another half hour goes by. I come into the office where my craft table is completely covered with things, including the semi-finished books I worked on last night, and I find that Ronin has colored all over them!!!! (I have a pic, but blogger won't upload it. GRRR Blogger!)  He had picked a red marker and colored in the white parts of the windows on the helicopters and the rockets.  AH! AH! AAAAH!!!!! I'm pretty sure I said things I shouldn't have, but I did try to handle myself when I has Ronin what in the %^#@ he was doing!  "I colored them for the kids," was his reply.  *sigh*   

Well, what can I say. He was trying to help. But now I feel I have to do them over. Patrick says they look great and are autographed by Ronin. A perfect gift from a school friend. 

Of course it is the "adult" in me that makes me want to do them again. I'm more worried about what the parents will think. Would you be offended if your child came home with a gift that had scribbles all over it? Maybe you would think your own child did it. But I am pretty sure these kids are old enough to know that someone DID scribble on their book. I don't think they would see it as an autograph. 

So, I'm feeling really sleepy, but look forward to an evening of crafting. I think I can do it. There are a few problems with these books, hopefully I can fix those tonight.  I'm now glad I made too many books with the boy paper, so I can replace the ruined ones. I now really hope my PTI card stock shows up soon.

I have learned a lot doing this project. If you are interested in doing something like this project, I will let you know of the do's and don't that I have learned so far. #1: Lock the door of your craft room when you are not in it!!

So off I go. I will post again, if I ever finish this epic project...

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