Jun 10, 2008

Sweet Virginia

Grandpa and Noni Larsen live in Virginia. We visit quite often. We just went for  a quick Memorial Weekend trip and had such a lovely time.  After so many years in the city I am really starting to be amazed by open spaces, big skies and clean air. All of which Virginia has. 

We are lazy in our time while we are there. Grandpa and Noni get up with the kids. We play at the park, go out to eat and sit on the porch to soak up the sun.

We also get daddy all to ourselves. Which is especially fun for the boys (and dad too). We are all sad when we have to go home to our real lives where dad has a real job, mom has to really take care of the kids, and the kids have to really deal with the crap we put them through. (which G & N never do!)

This time around we went fishing on the Potomac. It was so lovely. We walked from fishing hole to fishing hole. Both Grandpa and Baby Cache fell in the river and Ronin almost hooked every one of us at different times with his violently swinging pole. The boys had so much fun. Here you can see Ronin likes to fish as "spiderman". We didn't catch any fish. We did however catch A LOT of ticks!
Ronin found one early the next morning when he was going to the bathroom. We thought he had been attacked, he screamed so loud!  Then we had to strap him down on the table and do surgery. We then decided EVERYONE had to be checked. Baby cache had 2! One on his back and one in his arm pit and Noni had one on her leg.  Needless to say, we were all a bit creeped out. Ronin is still having a hard time getting over it since he also got a tick in Vermont a month ago. He is reluctant to wear shorts or t-shirts. Its about 90 deg. here in NY and he is out in pants, long shirts and sweaters. Poor boy is just roasting to death. But he says he doesn't want any bugs on him. Thats unnderstandable.

The other thing I love about being in Virginia is the boys get to see what nature is really about. (bugs included I guess)  They love to play in the yard, check out the flowers and enjoy all the sights we don't have at home. Its so great there, we often contemplate moving. And we would if there were a job there for us to do. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that if we did move, it Virginia wouldn't be as special to us because we would be living our real lives. And there is no time for fun in real life!! So I think we will have to do with visiting and being grateful we can visit such a wonderful place with such a wonderful family. Thanks Noni and Grandpa for your love and hospitality!!!

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heatherc said...

Those are some cute kids you got!! And you are seriously going to town on the stamping :) I really need to catch some of that and get my stash used up--so I can buy some more ;)
And thank you for the darling card I got in the mail--you are all very welcome. It was my pleasure to do. But I'm with Pok, the only bummer is having to wait clear until November.

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