Jun 4, 2008

Father's Day

Fathers Day is coming up and I put a lot of thought and heart into a gift for Patrick from me and the boys. I like to stamp and scrapbook and have really been addicted to it as of late, so I crafted up something that I thought he would like.
Now he's not a cutesy, kitchy, or crafty kind of a person. He is a designer. Which means, modern, clean, new and innovative things get his attention. I think maybe secretly he doesn't like stuff that I do, but he is way too nice to actually say anything about it. In fact he is very helpful and views all of my things with a positive and creative eye. That's love for ya. Well, when thinking about what to do for him, I wanted to give him something personal, yet something not too "cute" that he could take to work with him so he can have a pic of his boys.

I picked up an accordion scrapbook by Martha Stewart at Michael's (see my local craft store link). The great thing about the accordion is that you can open it to just one page and then have several others to choose from so you can change it every once in a while and also not take up too much desk space. I then used DP from S.E.I. from the line called dill blossom. I also used the stamp set Father Knows Best from my favorite company Paper Trey Ink. I love this company because they have such clean designs with a lot of modern elements. I think they are a perfect marriage of my love for stamping and my DH's love for design. I thought they fit him perfectly.

I wanted to photoshop some of the pics to share, but since my skills are REALLY rusty, I usually have Patrick help me. And of course that was a problem because I couldn't allow him to see the end product until the actual day, so I tried to fix them up myself. I didn't do as good of a job as I had wanted. So bear with them. Anyway, last night, he was helping me with some other photos and found these ones too. SO, the cat is out of the bag, yet again... In all 8 years of marriage I have yet to surprise him with a single gift. Not one! And that is no exaggeration. It's just sad. I guess I will have to try harder.

So with with endless love Patrick, I present your Father's Day gift. Thanks for being such a great husband and dad. We love you!!


Natasha said...

I LOVE it! And your use of the papertreyink stamps is great!

akdoxey said...

you get an award, I don't know what it'll be called yet but it goes along the lines of awesome, crafty, unique, etc. etc. etc.

Congrats on the blog...one more thing to be addicted to! Love it!

Miles said...

Seriously cool! But I doubt pat buddy needs a surprise. I hate surprises.

It looks way cool, though. A lot of effort! Yer a scrapbookin' mom, ever saw that one coming?

LeAnne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...this little album is adorable! I love the PT stamps you used --that set is great! Good job, I think the photos are perfect.

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