Jun 30, 2008


The other night Patrick came into the office and sat down at the craft table with me. I was going through my stash of paper scraps trying to come up with ways to use them since they drive me crazy sitting around untouched. He started riffling through these papers and arranging them on the table in front of him. I asked him what he was doing. His reply; "I'm making a card with you."   I think I laughed. A little. I told him he didn't need to humor me with feigned interest. He insisted he wasn't! He said that he finally realized if he wanted to spend any time with me, then he would have to sit down and make cards because that's all I have been doing every night for weeks. Poor man! 
So we sat and talked about art and life and made cards. It was our girl-y night together. It was fun! Every once in a while he will surprise me by doing something like this. This is another reason why I love him so.

So without further ado, here is the little card he made:
It's about the size of a card you would put with flowers or something. He said he wanted it to be different. Obviously not cutesy. As if I expected that! He wanted something that incorporated his love for modern art with a little bling on the side. This is the entire card opened up, to reveal a "beach scene" as he put it. He decided to add some decoupage to give it some texture. 
Very nice work Patrick! Thanks for spending time with me. I will try to give you the attention you deserve!!


Natasha said...

that is so cute! Great card Patrick!

Amanda said...

Wow! I really don't know how you and all the other bloggers do it. This blog truly amazes me because you are #1 Crafting (time consuming!) and #2 Blogging about the crafting (again, time consuming!) all while being a great mother and wife. Love to see that Patrick is joining you in the craft room. This actually made me think of a post I should do on my blog about Jared's recruitment to scrap booking.
I do have questions for you about how to make those crayon boxes. What was the box made out of that you then covered with card stock? also, what is PTI (I might figure this out by reading further).

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