Aug 31, 2013

Red Dot Museum MAAD (September)

Hey there! I'm just checking in with a few little things I have been working on. As I may have mentioned before, my life has taken a few twists and turns. And after adding baby #4 to the family and making an international move, I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. However, I am now feeling a bit more like myself!! Baby is almost 2 (as is our international living situation) and I have finally found a groove here in Singapore that allows me to craft at a regular pace. Hallelujah!!

I have a dear friend here who has made Singapore an amazing place to be. She is a crafty lady herself (specializing in jewelry making, graphic design and more!). She has helped me get my feet back into the crafting world and I owe her a great deal. She also has lead me to my first market selling experience. Here in Singapore the Red Dot Museum has a monthly market where all things sold are handmade. They call it MAAD (which is something different in the states, so don't be mislead ; )
 So, lucky little me, has been able to participate! This month will be my second time, and I am excited to go (and fully stocked!)

This little guy sold last time. He was one of my favorites:

And I have other things that will be heading off to sell this month. 

 I feel like my style has been changing a bit. Maybe its the Asian minimalist style rubbing off on me, but I seem to be trying to branch out a bit. Although I do like to add embellishments still ; )
Anyway, the first friday of every month, I will be going off to market, and I hope to share some of the things that will be going with me.

I hope to see a few of the old faces (hello, USA peeps!) as well as make some new ones this side of the world (bring it Singapore!)

I feel like I'm back. And I'm excited to be here!! Drop me a line to say hello and share with me some of the things you have been working on. I will pop by your blog to say hi!

until next time, thanks for stopping by!

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~amy~ said...

So fabulous to see your blogging Kristie. Lovin' your cards and the market sounds like so much fun!

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