Aug 26, 2013

Scent-sational Challenge

How much do I adore the new stamp set Nichole created. I love scratch and sniff. I love cards. It all goes so great together! You know one of the things about living in Singapore, is you don't have a lot of the same things you get in the states (i guess that goes without saying) 
Anyway, I couldn't find any of the flavors of jell-o I wanted and of course they have never even HEARD of Kool-Aid! I did manage to track down some chocolate pudding (sugarfree) and some lime. I have the older Be Fruitful that I want to try that one out on. Anyway, because of this I chose the chocolate chip image and stamped it in Dark Chocolate (of course ; )

I love stamping that little tag in silver. Makes me want some chocolate! Now because of this pesky cold I have, I can't tell if it actually worked! Isn't that funny? This technique was the main reason I was interested in Stamp-a-faire in the first place and now I can't even enjoy it properly! Seriously, life is funny that way. Or maybe not so funny, depending on how you look at it.

I tracked down some Crystal Light that might work for me with some of the other images, but I just love the entire set and can't wait to keep creating with it. I hope my cold goes away fast!

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