Aug 26, 2013

Mixing Mists Challenge

Hey there! Just working like crazy here to get my challenges done in time. This challenge was to mix up your own mists to match.  Well, of course the one ingredient you need for this (rubbing alcohol) I forgot to get! I didn't want to stop to go and get some, so I did what any sensible card maker would do... I used hand sanitizer!!!

Technically its alcohol but just a thicker consistency. So I added it and water to my misting bottle and proceeded as normal. The thing I'm actually surprised by is that it worked! I added some perfect pearls which had turned rock hard in this Singapore moisture, but after some pounding and digging, they powdered right back up. Thank goodness, cause I did want a glimmer.

What I've noticed is after learning a technique and putting together my own card, I realize there are a lot of similar things to the card Nichole did on her blog. The subconscious mind is a powerful thing! I didn't realize I used the exact same colors until it was finished. Oh well, at least my mind is CASEing someone awesome!

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