Aug 26, 2013

Sprinkle of Salt Challenge

Hey-lo there. This challenge I liked a lot. I have these watercolor paper postcards that I picked up to sell at the Red Dot fair. (it happens every month so if you live in Singapore, stop by!!)

I thought this would be a fun technique for a fast card. I pulled out my watercolor pencils and brushed on a few colors. Then added my salt.

And here is the result! So cool. I added a simple sentiment trying to consider why someone would send a postcard. Maybe I should have carved a Singapore stamp so I can send it to my family! But I usually do get my birthday cards out late, so this is a good one too.

Because I was having fun, I tried a second card. I actually stamped and embossed this watercolor paper with clear powder and Round Repeats stamps. Then I watercolored around the medallions and then added my salt.
 I like how it makes it a tye-dyed look. But because of the embossing there wasn't a lot of space for the salt to work. But I do still like the results. Love the cheery look of the yellow and orange!
And I think my all time favorite font right now is from the Stamped Simply set by Maile Belles. So great...

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