Aug 24, 2013

Stamp-a-Faire Breakfast Bake and Take

Hello to you all! It's morning time in the US-of-A and the annual Stamp-a-faire for Papertrey Ink has begun!
The first challenge is to take a sketch and color recipe and add them together to make a card. I know this is supposed to get the juices flowing and should be easy, but for some reason, it took me forever!!
here's my color recipe:
and my sketch:

These were actually my second trial since the first idea I had (with different colors and diff sketch) did NOT work out.  Here is what finally came to be after over an hour of working.

It's not bad, but honestly not my favorite. There are a few things that are driving me batty. But alas, tis over now!

My day has been extra long with Patrick's work party for the entire family and coming down with a cold. I have my meds here just to keep me going (uh, and the cookies in the background too ; )
I think my brain is sick, and that's why it took me so long. It has to be something right!?

As you can see out my window, it is dark, dark, dark. Time to get to bed so I can function tomorrow and keep going! I'm excited about the challenges, but after this first go, a bit worried too that my brain isn't up to the challenge! I must get the cobwebs out. It's been SO very long since I have had time set aside to really create new things. Of course I have been stamping again, but a lot of it is old tricks so I think it's good for my brain to get a real challenge and stretch and grow. That's what I'm looking forward to the most for Stamp-a-faire. I'm looking for intense inspiration, and I know the ladies at PTI will bring-it!

So good night for now all you stamping ladies across the world (or maybe just in the USA...or wherever you are) It's kind of fun to know there are others out there right now doing the same thing I love to do. Stamp away my friends!!


Kara said...

Beautiful! Get some rest. I hope you feel better. I almost chose this sketch too;).

Patti J said...

I think it turned out beautifully, especially considering how yukky you feel! Hope you feel better soon - don't let those cookies get stale! Hugs...

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