Aug 26, 2013

Gallon, Quart, Pint Challenge

I love this concept. Love Betsy for explaining it so clearly and helping my brain understand it to the point where I can use it! It is amazing! After listening to the concept, I've started to notice it everywhere. Even on cards I have made before and can see now why they work! So its been an epiphany for sure.
Here's my take on the challenge. 

My main color is Royal Velvet, my quart color is scarlet jewel (stamped off once to lighten it up a bit) and my pint color is the gold. or maybe its the other way around? what do you think. The gold embossing is really bold so maybe its more dominant. Regardless, I like it!
Challenge complete!!

1 comment:

maria f. said...

Such a striking card. Thanks for inspiration on using the ikat stamps. I love how the traditional font sentiment contrasts with the ikat.

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