Sep 2, 2013

Marbled Paper using Shaving Cream

I've seen this technique around for some time, and you know how you catalog things in your brain hoping to get to try it someday? Well, that "someday" finally came....

After a walk through my local market, I finally tracked down some regular shaving cream. (Singapore likes to sell a lot of the gel kind; which you can not use). Even after getting the cream, I put it aside hoping there would be time in between my regular life to try it out. A few days had passed until I had a friend request a father's day card for her husband. (She's Australian... they celebrate this weekend and not in June like the US)
Anyway, I thought this would be the PERFECT time to bust out the shaving cream!
It was really really fun. Just so you know. You should try it! And the best of all, it even smells manly! My entire office smelled musky. Kind of nice! wink~wink.

I used re-inkers from PTI for my color but I know you can use regular food coloring. Which will be what I use when I show this to my kids. They are going to love it!

I swirled around the color in the cream and pressed my watercolor paper into the mixture. I'm pretty sure you can use any kind of paper, but I like the texture the watercolor paper adds and also, I thought it would soak up the color best. I should have done a test with another paper to check it out. Maybe next time.

I added a simple Ali Miles sentiment to the card and adhered my watercolor paper to a card base. This is actually a different card than the one I gave my friend for her husband, because of course, I forgot to get photos before I handed it off. It was generally the same, but with a father's day sentiment. So, Happy Father's Day to all my Aussie friends!! Father's really are the best...

Thanks for stopping in today. Hope you have a good one

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lindalou said...

So you just spray out shaving cream, swirl around some colors and then press the paper onto the design...then let dry. Sounds fun.

Your card turned out great.

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