Nov 6, 2009

Quick Birthday Gift/Card

Hey there Thursday goers! Yesterday there was a birthday going on and I wanted to give something but hadn't actually thought through anything other than that I wanted to do something! A little boy with a birthday, what to do??? I pulled out some Cosmo Cricket paper and whipped up this card. Aren't those fire/race car chipboard alphas fabulous!?

The Happy Birthday is hand stamped but I drew in the black pen border on the red paper. The zig zag is actual bare chipboard, which is also a lot of fun to play with too. Then I thought "How lame is this card to a little boy unless there isn't a gift???" So I pulled out a bakery box from Pink Persimmon and got to work. Boy! Are those babies handy!
I wrapped up the box with some more Cosmo Cricket papers. The box is a great size without odd measurements so it was SUPER fast to cut papers out and use them to alter the look of this box. I markered the edges with a black marker so the original color (pink!) wouldn't show through. Didn't think that would be cool for a 4 yr old boy. I didn't do too much flouncy-flounce to it since it was for a boy. Just added some ribbon and was done. 
Do you want to know what is inside? Do ya.... do ya???
Would you believe these boxes fit 2 play dough containers PERFECTLY! I couldn't have asked for a better way to give this gift. I think even a bunch of small play doughs would be great and thats just ONE idea. The possibilities for these great boxes are endless and I hope to show you even more uses for them throughout the holidays and into the new year. You just wait! So I packaged this all up and doorbell ditched them in a matter of an hour. Really quick birthday gift to put together (well, fairly quick ; )

How is your thursday??? Tonight I am editing lots of photos (all of which I hope to share with you at some point before Christmas) and also I have some music to practice. The DH and I are putting on a little Christmas devotional for the youth in our church in a matter of 3 weeks and we REALLY need some serious help. So we are practicing every night. We hope not to make a fool of ourselves! Hope you are all well!


Anonymous said...

Very cute and looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing!!!

Tammy said...

Super awesome card and cool gift idea!

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