Sep 6, 2013

Hello TV

You know what's funny.... I don't actually own a real t.v. 
I mean, I have a t.v. here that was left in the apartment by our landlord but I'm pretty sure its from the '80's so its HUGE and old and difficult. But I don't own a nice happy, slim, bright new t.v. And I kinda wish I did!

Maybe that's why Kim Hughes set Boob Tubes needed to come to my house to play. (And incidentally, my dad used to call it the boob tube and I used to giggle to myself every time. You just can't say that anymore can you? Just like how flip-flops used to be thongs? No, way that's every coming out of my mouth again!)
But, I digress....
This set is adorable. I really am in love with all things by Kim Hughes and Paper Smooches. I mean, I even love the name. Sooooo I made up all these t.v. cards. I just couldn't stop! This was one of my favorites. I just love the mellow colors and modern yet '70's vibe it puts off. I die cut the chevron and then stamped it with straight lines. The card base is actually soft stone by PTI. Which I think, rounds it out.
Anyway... hello to you! This week has been a doosie cause baby #4 got his binkies taken away. His teeth are ATROCIOUS! And he's turning two in a week, so I thought it was time. What I'm amazed at is that we are finally exiting all these baby stages. Before I know it, I will only have big kids in the house! That kind of has me doing a happy dance, if you must know...

Hope you have a good day and get in a dance move or two ;)

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