Sep 30, 2013

Bella Blvd.

Hey all. Yup, its been a bit quite around here so I thought I should stop in and say howdy. I actually have been trying my hand at getting on a design team as of late and here are some things that I can show you now. No luck yet, but I'm really having fun creating so I'm happy!!

The Bella Blvd supplies here were limited. I made up all that I could with what I had and used my little noggin' to figure out some different styles. I guess you can let me know if I succeeded. 
First one is all stamping:
 Next one is scrappy.
 I had this in my brain, and tried it a couple of different ways. Here is the best one of the bunch. Hmmm, I can't tell if I like it.
 Here's some washi tape love:
 Last on is scrappy again.

I really had a great time with these supplies and all these babies (and the rest you didn't see) will be heading their way to the Red Dot museum for sale next week. Fingers crossed!!

Have a good one. And thanks for stopping by!

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lindalou said...

Well done and on limited supplies no less. Good luck on getting on a design team. It's a good goal.

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