Sep 4, 2013

Silk Flower Hello

It's time again, to share a bit of card stuff with you. I have a dear friend here who is a jewelry designer. She's amazing! She was making up some little girl headbands and fashioned a plethora of these beautiful silk flowers. I just couldn't pass them up, I had to buy some! (You can meet here HERE)

I have been exploring purple lately. It's an interesting color for me. Something I LOVED as a kid, but haven't had much experience with since.

This card has 2 shades, some olive silk ribbon and a sweet leaf hat pin. Which I'm in love with.
There is a simple sentiment since the rest is so BAM! in yo face!

Alright... that just about wraps 'er up.
hope you have a great weekend! I have a husband coming home from a business trip and a 13th wedding anniversary to plan. WOW... who knew we could make it this long!?

Wish me luck!!


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