Sep 14, 2013

I Just LOVE You

If your anything like me, you have piles and piles of cards you have made through the months (and maybe years) that are collecting dust, for whatever reason. (Hello! This is a no-judging zone!!)

At a certain point the glue, runners tape or sticky dots wear out and things need to be rebuilt.

Take exhibit A: 
Well, I guess this would be Exhibit B since A was ripped apart and put onto this card. I kept the hearts and buttons from the first card and cut up the burlap to suit this new one. It was a simple job, but someone had to do it. Cause really, the dust on it was getting embarrassing! I guess it still feels a bit dated. Well, we will see if Red Dot will sell it, if not, I will have to send it on to my mother. She loves everything. Heaven bless her ; )

So just thought I would share a quick one before my weekend was over. Where did it go anyway?! Today has been full of birthday parties (for my 9 year old and other friends at the pool), arcades, pizza, ice cream, and a few sick kids. Nothing helps round out a day better than a few sick kids. Am I right?!
So, good night to you all. A few more hours and I can be sawin' logs like the rest of 'em.

hope you have a smashing weekend.

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