Dec 2, 2009

365 Cards: KLM Digital Design Week!

Hey there ladies! Can you believe I actually got this one up on time!? Sheesh! So glad I did. I have this great KLM Digital image that I worked with and used it with today's 365 Card challenge which is entitled: "Just a Fraction."  

That means take an image and just use a part of it. Here is my card:

This image is originally three flowers with stems and leaves. It's actually a free download from KLM Digital Designs, so you should head over there and check it out for yourself! HERE IS THE LINK. While you are there check out the other fabulous images they have that are so wonderful and affordable too!

I printed my image on some vellum and let that baby dry overnight. Then I colored it in with some markers. This was interesting because the markers bled into the ink and made some nice shading for me! I then popped up the picture on some card stock, added pattern papers and buttons and my KLM card was made! I opted out of a sentiment for this one because I thought it would be good for many occasions. It's a perfect image for so many cards AND its a free link. Seriously, KLM is pretty darned cool!

That's my card for today! On a separate note, have any of you noticed over on the side bar that I only have 62 days left until this baby comes? I am freaking out! How will I ever be ready? Lots to do until then and of course its the most wonderful time of year to boot. Lots of fun to be had!

Hope you have a great day. Thanks for stopping by! 


MicheleV said...

love your card! I used this image and "fraction" on sunday! you will have to check it out!
Yes I noticed 62 days ~ time flies, you'll be ready!

Robyn said...

Such a pretty card! And oh so cheerful!

Rose said...

what a fab card!! and your coloring is awesome :0) oh yes i check your countdown each vist. you'll be ready and remember you've been there before so it will all come back to you :0) mine are all grown and moved out and now i am waiting for the joy of grandparenthood :0)

Lindalou said...

Love the card. Great job coloring in the flowers. They look so real.

62 cool that it's almost time. Don't worry about having everything ready. Just be as relaxed as you can. That's what the baby picks up on.

Have you decided on a name? Can't wait to hear.

Lindalou said...

Just added the baby countdown to my blog for the arrival of my 3rd grandchild. Too cool.

~amy~ said...

62 days?!!! Time does fly...especially when you aren't the pregnant one...good grief in just over 2 months?!!!!!

I love your card for today...the colors are absolutely fun & happy!

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