Aug 14, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps Day 2...still!?

Boo-Ya! Day two keeps getting repeated apparently. I swear this is the last one. Technique is emboss resist with Distress Inks.  I stamped my background with a border stamp. Heat embossed with white. Don't distress inks make you want to sing!? I want to shout hello from the roof tops with this card!

I followed Laura Sterckz's technique. Her cards are always sweet and pastel and soft. But for some reason when I do it, it just comes out intense... it's just who I am I guess. (My mother is probably laughing out loud right now!) I really tried Laura, I promise! (I will try it again, but I will refrain from posting).

That's all for now. Moving onto day 3 since technically we are on day 10 or something like that. Seriously! I'm not generally a slow mover, I guess I'm just enjoying myself ;)

thanks for stopping by.


aileen (mum) said...

Dont you dare stop posting I love these vibrant cards, the colours are sowhat I love using. I L O V E distress inks and white embossing. Another beautiful card

Kristie Goulet said...

This totally ROCKS!!! LOVE it!

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