Aug 14, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2: Bonus Day!

Ok so I just skipped from day 2 to day 9 like it ain't no big deal. I'll get back to the others, I'm sure of it.
Today's card features the technique that Kryssi Ng featured over at Stretch Your Stamps 2. I love this technique. I think I will be using it quite a bit. I got a little splotchy with it, but what I love is that there really isn't any rules. You just kind of let the colour run where it may. Kind of like undoing your top button while eating at a buffet. Just let that pressure go.  Aaaahhhhh.... 

I totally forgot to use water-colour paper and my poor card stock was starting to suffer! But for the most part it turned out ok. I had originally had this as a one layer card, but after the water soaked in, and my paper started to crumble, I had to get creative.

I cut out the top panel right under my streamers and popped it up for dimension (and support!) Then stamped and embossed my sentiment on the original card base. Added a balloon and some string. All Mama Elephant Stamps.

I know not everyone is taking the class, and maybe you are tired of hearing it, but it really is a great one!

Thanks for checking in and for all your sweet comments. I love hearing from you! Thanks for taking the time to say hello!


aileen (mum) said...

I'm loving hearing how you are going in this class. If I could have I would have taken it, but it wasnt to be. But I have seen some amazing results around blog land. Loving your cards and love how you saved this panel of non water colour paper.

Miriam Prantner said...

I love this one! The watercolor in the background is so pretty and love the little tail on the balloon!

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