Aug 16, 2014

Celebrate with Tim Holtz Stencil

Hey, Howdy HEY!  Happy weekend to you all.  I picked up this new stencil by Tim Holtz called 'Doily'. I was wandering the isles of my LSS (danger Will Robinson!) and WHAMO! It smacked me right between the eyes and begged to be carried home. I could only oblige. 

Check it out:

I wanted it to create a vintage-y, lace-y feel so I opted to use embossing paste tinted with some Fine Linen ink by Papertrey Ink.

It looks amazing after you peel it up. Do any of you gasp when you stencil? I LOVE the reveal! Makes my heart jump.
Ok, well, I couldn't quite let 'er be, so I decided to sprinkle a little bit of  Liquid Platinum Embossing powder over the top.  But I was sad to lose the linen colour so I opted to not completely cover the entire panel.

And really, it's hard to see the linen colour still, so I am happy to know that no matter which way you go (embossing or NO embossing) this stencil will make your project look great!

I had these Rosie Posie flowers from Papertrey Ink stamped up and sitting on my desk. I have this special place I put things that I think I might actually use on something else. They are always in the way! And thank heaven, these flowers only sat around for about 2 weeks before being used! That's actually a record. Usually they waste away. I have this unsightly stash of things stamped/cut/blended/stenciled that need to be put to use. I think I will try a card a week using up my stash and if these things are not gone in a few months, then out with them!!

Ok... Last but not least, the matte copper card stock you have seen before and of course the Little B die cuts. I love both of these things! You will be seeing much more of them I am sure. 

Being out of the states, I am getting creative about where I find my crafting supplies and also much more flexible about what is deemed a 'crafting supply'. I would have never thought to look at the poster board section before. Which now that I think about it, is just plain silliness. It is paper, after all. But I am so glad I did! The copper was such a lovely find.

Thanks for stopping in today. And thanks for all your comments! You always make my day!
have a smashing weekend,


Miriam Prantner said...

I LOVE this! That paste color is so pretty and love copper banner and the gorgeous flowers. This is fantastic!

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...


Laura B. said...

Gorgeous stencil and yes, I gasp, too, every time I lift up the stencil, lol!

keren said...

Ooh- that copper banner is gorgeous. Great card! x

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