Aug 27, 2014

A little bit of Truth

Hey crafty friends! I stayed up late last night. I was supposed to be crafting (I am a bit behind!) But all I could do was browse the internet. I came across some blogs that are big in the biz (I guess you could say). Not the crafting biz, but the blog biz. I read posts from different women. Most posts were about people: moms, dads, marriages and children. But also about addiction, frustration, depression, and trials. In short; life.

As I had a few moments to myself, in my own brain today something dawned on me.... I have a blog. I have people who visit me. But yet, I don't think anyone knows who I really am! And I don't know much about you either!
Now, please know, I am not turning into a "get to know yourself"- "share your deepest and darkest" blogging kind of a person. This is a place for crafting fun and learning, but I also thought that maybe, just maybe, instead of just pretty cards today, I could also let you know a little bit about who I am and how I came to be me.  Then when you come to visit me in this little land o' craft, you will know more about who's behind it all and not just what you see.

As you may know, I have been so blessed to be chosen to be on a few design teams these past few months. I am so very very excited! It adds some more fun to this hobby that I love. Now usually when you apply for a design team they always ask you to share a little bit about yourself. I usually start out with "Hi! I am Kristie. And I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 crazy boys."  Because you know, it's the truth. That is my name and I do have 4 boys and boy-oh-boy do I ever stay at home with them each and every day. But I realized this doesn't say much about ME. It says something about what I may do with my time, but that's about it.

So in way of introducing myself to you, I thought I would go back a bit and talk about who I am inside and how I have changed through the years to find myself here: A mother by day and a card maker by night. Because let's be honest, something leads us to cutting paper and stamping ink and trolling the isles of craft stores for bits and bobbles that will look so great on a card!

I feel like I have been creating for a large part of my life. Not cards actually. It started when I was young. I loved music. I loved to sing. I would play dress up and sing my favourite Annie songs.
I found dance and enjoyed creating stories with my movements. I did those things for many years and then I went to college and most things changed. 

Upon leaving my parents home, as most young adults do, I found parts about myself that were different than I thought. Sometimes better but most of the time, not as pretty as I would have liked them to be. I wasn't always the best friend I could be. I wasn't always the most honest, or forgiving. I have things I have done that I wish I hadn't. Things I wish I could forget, but can't. I have regrets and disappointments but also triumphs and lots of learning and growing.

In college, music lead to acting. Which thinking about it now, seems so odd. I guess it fit me then. And maybe it still does, but I chose not to do it after getting married and having children. For many reasons, that I don't need to go into. But for many years I enjoyed creating characters on stage.

If you were to tell some of my old college friends that I was a crafter, they might actually laugh at you. In fact I have had at least one laugh at me! "I didn't see it coming" he said. Like my crafting was a UFO that landed in his front yard at midnight. Well to me, you don't have to see things coming to know that when you want to create things, you just find ways to do it. 

I think we are all creators inside. Some create spreadsheets, some organisation out of chaos. Some of us use oil pastels, water-colour or charcoal. Some create music where there wasn't any or dance moves that would rival even Janet Jackson (I am showing my age here ; )
But deep down, we all have to create. It is a fundamental part of our beings. And I have found that I love to create cards. I love to cut paper. Heck I love to SMELL paper! Pretty papers with patterns and colours that make your head spin. I love the smear of ink and the bounce of the stamp off the ink pad. I love removing said stamp and seeing a crisp clear image revealed. Something permanently pressed where there once was empty space.  I don't know what it is. I just know I love it.

I first started card making in 2009. I had a friend at church who was a Stamp-in' Up demonstrator and she had monthly craft nights that I started going to. I bought a few stamps and ink and mostly enjoyed chatting with my friends. I found Papertrey Ink and designs that I didn't know came in stamp form. I started to see patterns and designs all around me. As I walked down the street or visited a store. I soon became enamoured with it all. Creating something out of only a few elements. 

Now, I have tried just about everything. Jewellery making, Quilting, Soap making, Scrapbooking even non-crafty stuff like Tai Chi, Taikwondo, and sailing! It wasn't until stamping came into view that I felt settled and I never looked back. It started when I had little kids at home and of course sitting at a table in the quiet of the night brought enjoyment to the chaos of the days with little children. (A lot of you will know what I am talking about!) But also, I fell in love with cards because of 2 reasons:

1. They are a small canvas. You can go from blank to done in a little over 30 min. if you are inspired. You can use colours you love or trends you have seen only in shop windows. I tend to have a short attention span so laying out pieces for days to create something (quilt, scrap page, necklace, unfinished furniture) was just too daunting for me. It's almost an instant gratification, so it fills a part of my life that just needs that boost of quick excitement. You know!? 

2. It is also the vehicle in which we send out love, encouragement and happy thoughts to those that are important. Whether they are important to us, or to someone else. I have sent cards to total strangers before but also my very own mother.  A handmade card can always be enjoyed!  You only have to participate in Operation Write Home or Ronald McDonald House to know that these little cards, while seemingly small and unimportant have the ability to make a little change. 

I believe that its the little things that make the biggest difference. And that even though I am not on Broadway or winning Grammys or Emmys, I can still make a difference in the small sphere in which I live. When you bring happiness to one person, they in turn will bring it to another. And that my friends, is what I think life is all about.  Even if you only do it with paper and ink.

So I am a crafter, a card maker and a mother of 4 crazy boys. But I am also a woman, a believer, a lover (and a fighter :), a sister, daughter, aunt, a friend and a member of this human race that feels the burning inner drive to create.

I have learned how to be kinder to people, but need to apply it to myself more often. I have unsightly varicose veins (Thanks Dad!), but I never see them so I don't really care. I eat pizza every Saturday night while watching a movie with my kids, and I rarely say 'no' to a diet pepsi. I don't like to exercise, but know its good for me. I love me some brownies and ice cream but I know its bad for me. I, like you am a dichotomy of things all rolled up into one little (or not so little) package. 

So that's my story! What about you? What's your story? Cause I really do want to know! We connect with each other over time and space every week and really it's silly if we don't know each other, if even a little bit.
So if you have some time, leave me a comment. How did you get started in this craft? Are you new to it, or did the bug bite you long ago and you have yet to step away? Did you take a hiatus, and then return to it? (Like I did after babies... cause sometimes you have the energy and sometimes you. do. not.) 

I would love to hear from you! 

Thanks for stopping in today. For sharing with me, my little bit of truth. And thank you for your crafty support. You make a difference to me!


...and for those of you who made it aaaaallll the way down here... heres a little somethin' pretty to look at. Thanks for your visit!

Made with:
Stitched Party Banners die cuts, Hello Baby stamp set (Lawn Fawn)
White Card stock (Papertrey Ink)
Water-color paper and gold twine from some odd art store ; )
Faux water-colour technique
and a whole lotta love!


Miriam Prantner said...

I really enjoyed reading this and I totally agree....I think all people are made to create, and we all create in different ways. Thanks for sharing about yourself and love those cute LF critters!

Laura B. said...

I enjoyed your post and I am NOT a reader! Cute card, too!

icardeveryone01 said...

I'm not sure if there is space enough in this little comment box to tell you how much I enjoyed your honesty, and open heart. I am sure that there is not enough space to tell you much, but I see myself in your words, and certainly can empathize when it comes to being a stay-at-home-mom or woman in general. Most cannot fathom being satisfied by it.. I love it, and the time I have to create a little beauty - it is such a wonderful gift I give to ME. =] Michele

Kari Webster said...

Your watercolor is beautiful!! Lovely!! Kari - Lawnscaping FIT Team

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