Nov 19, 2008

Do you wonder why...

I'm not crafting???
Here is my designated "craft space" in the house. I have been upgraded to the office from my original spot which was in the garage. Patrick decided it was going to be too cold in the winter to craft there. But now that I have moved, or should I say, semi-unpacked, I have also been informed that I must keep my space clean, tidy and "non-craft looking." Hmmm. I wonder how on earth I am to do that. Plus any storage devices I use must look like actual furniture which means no cardboard boxes, or bags and the usual that clutters my office space. Now, if you have been storage shopping in the last little bit, you know that there is NOTHING out there furniture wise that is cheap. So needless to say Patrick has an ultimatum. Either cheap plastic rolling storage, or work extra hours so I can buy the expensive stuff. Since he is on salary, I can guess I know what he will say. I think a trip to The Container Store is in order. I really need some containment. 
As you can see, it is a long way from perfect, but trust me when I say that this picture is an improvement. I got so overwhelmed that I thought I would blog about it for a bit. In fact I have been stepping over these boxes for two days now unable to finish up the tiding. Mostly because it requires me to put forth A LOT of brain power as to where and how I will store all of it, along with shedding some of the unwanted goods. And really, I have a hard time saying no to any craft goods, even if they have gone unused for a year. I hope to pull myself into gear and get this thing done tonight. Patrick is out of town tomorrow, so I need to get cleaned up quick and get some crafting in before he comes home. I have some early Christmas gifts that need to be finished by sunday, so come on baby! I gots to get movin'!
happy crafting everyone!

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