Sep 19, 2015

MFT Card Design Superstar Contest!

I've been trying and trying to get my act together to join the MFT contest that is ending in one day! I ordered some new MFT products (holy cow, they are awesome!) I have visitors in town and I'm in the process of moving, plus my regularly scheduled card making responsibilities still need to be seen to. Needless to say its been hard to find some time, but I did it! I actually completed a card! Only one, but still... I'm not going to let that get me down cause I got it done. And now I have proof in a photo!

I started with using the new Brick Wall Cover-up and die cut it out of two different colours of brown card stock. I stamped over the orangeish color with a background stamp and then glued them all back together over a card stock base. I then die cut the front of the card twice with the new Stitched Interactive window. Which I love!

Inside I built a little scene using the London Mouse collection (stamps and matching dies). This set! OH! It just steals my heart. I made a little collage. I did some layering with foam adhesive as well.

You can see here from the front, my little bear poking out. I love his face.

 And here is the front with a few flaps open.

The ending challenge was to get good photos without my external flash (I'm out of batteries) and while its pitch black outside (it's midnight here!) But it worked out. And now I must go to bed.

That's it! If you are interested in checking out the challenge be sure to click HERE. There is one day left!! I am thinking regardless of what happens, I'm a superstar for even getting it done. Jill Dewey Hawkins... this one is for you ;)



Jill said...

UM....WOW and more WOW Kristie!!!!! How awesome is this?! Where do I begin? Let me just say, that if you can only get one card done (and heck, one is all you need!) THIS is the way to do it. Your coloring is bright and bold. LOVE. IT. And then you make this fantastic scene and have little peeking windows? Seriously. The bomb. I'll stop squealing now, but I am OH SO HAPPY to see you got your goodies and squeezed one in girl!! YAY!!!! :) YOU are awesome. :) xo

Ardyth said...

Um. Wow! (very original - I see the above comment started the same way). Well, I call this as a winner! What a fantastic project - I love the interactivity and bright colours! Good luck with the contest (I truly don't think you'll need luck! Your talent is awesome!)

natashakara said...

Holy Moly! This is a stunner! So original in design and your execution is flawless. Good luck with the contest :)

Bonnie said...

SO. SUPER. CUTE!! 'nuff said. ;)

Miriam Prantner said...

This is AMAZING! Seriously jaw dropping. The scene itself is incredible, but then you add the front with the windows, fantastic!!!!

Susan R. Opel said...

One word for this card, dear Kristie.



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