Sep 30, 2013

Bella Blvd.

Hey all. Yup, its been a bit quite around here so I thought I should stop in and say howdy. I actually have been trying my hand at getting on a design team as of late and here are some things that I can show you now. No luck yet, but I'm really having fun creating so I'm happy!!

The Bella Blvd supplies here were limited. I made up all that I could with what I had and used my little noggin' to figure out some different styles. I guess you can let me know if I succeeded. 
First one is all stamping:
 Next one is scrappy.
 I had this in my brain, and tried it a couple of different ways. Here is the best one of the bunch. Hmmm, I can't tell if I like it.
 Here's some washi tape love:
 Last on is scrappy again.

I really had a great time with these supplies and all these babies (and the rest you didn't see) will be heading their way to the Red Dot museum for sale next week. Fingers crossed!!

Have a good one. And thanks for stopping by!

Sep 14, 2013

I Just LOVE You

If your anything like me, you have piles and piles of cards you have made through the months (and maybe years) that are collecting dust, for whatever reason. (Hello! This is a no-judging zone!!)

At a certain point the glue, runners tape or sticky dots wear out and things need to be rebuilt.

Take exhibit A: 
Well, I guess this would be Exhibit B since A was ripped apart and put onto this card. I kept the hearts and buttons from the first card and cut up the burlap to suit this new one. It was a simple job, but someone had to do it. Cause really, the dust on it was getting embarrassing! I guess it still feels a bit dated. Well, we will see if Red Dot will sell it, if not, I will have to send it on to my mother. She loves everything. Heaven bless her ; )

So just thought I would share a quick one before my weekend was over. Where did it go anyway?! Today has been full of birthday parties (for my 9 year old and other friends at the pool), arcades, pizza, ice cream, and a few sick kids. Nothing helps round out a day better than a few sick kids. Am I right?!
So, good night to you all. A few more hours and I can be sawin' logs like the rest of 'em.

hope you have a smashing weekend.

Sep 10, 2013

Waltzing Mouse Sweet Birthday Wishes

Hey... good morning to you! It's actually about 2:30 in the morning for me right now and I'm feeling less chipper and more sleepy. I've been working on some schtuff tonight but can't share much with you yet. Hopefully soon though! 

So I wanted to stop in real quick to show you some of my favorite stamps right now:

The strawberry and sentiment is from Waltzing Mouse Stamps. I do luurve it so. And the Ikat is from Papertrey.
Just a quick one tonight. But hope to be back in a day with other fun things to share!

Good Night or Good Morning to you, where every you may be...


Sep 8, 2013

Scooting by to say...

More Paper Smooches Love coming your way.

Ack! I love this scooter!
Copic Markers for the bike and fire. Prisma Glitter for my road and a Provo Craft embossing plate for my card base. I added a Paper Smooches sentiment and a Papertrey Ink birthday sentiment under it.

I made up a bunch of scooter cards to sell and was coloring until my markers ran dry! I need to find a place in Singapore that has re-fills and FAST! That's the one thing about moving to a new place and especially this place. I can never find where to get the goods I need. I do know they have them, but where, oh where!?

Thanks for stopping in today.
Have a good one.

Sep 6, 2013

Hello TV

You know what's funny.... I don't actually own a real t.v. 
I mean, I have a t.v. here that was left in the apartment by our landlord but I'm pretty sure its from the '80's so its HUGE and old and difficult. But I don't own a nice happy, slim, bright new t.v. And I kinda wish I did!

Maybe that's why Kim Hughes set Boob Tubes needed to come to my house to play. (And incidentally, my dad used to call it the boob tube and I used to giggle to myself every time. You just can't say that anymore can you? Just like how flip-flops used to be thongs? No, way that's every coming out of my mouth again!)
But, I digress....
This set is adorable. I really am in love with all things by Kim Hughes and Paper Smooches. I mean, I even love the name. Sooooo I made up all these t.v. cards. I just couldn't stop! This was one of my favorites. I just love the mellow colors and modern yet '70's vibe it puts off. I die cut the chevron and then stamped it with straight lines. The card base is actually soft stone by PTI. Which I think, rounds it out.
Anyway... hello to you! This week has been a doosie cause baby #4 got his binkies taken away. His teeth are ATROCIOUS! And he's turning two in a week, so I thought it was time. What I'm amazed at is that we are finally exiting all these baby stages. Before I know it, I will only have big kids in the house! That kind of has me doing a happy dance, if you must know...

Hope you have a good day and get in a dance move or two ;)

Sep 4, 2013

Silk Flower Hello

It's time again, to share a bit of card stuff with you. I have a dear friend here who is a jewelry designer. She's amazing! She was making up some little girl headbands and fashioned a plethora of these beautiful silk flowers. I just couldn't pass them up, I had to buy some! (You can meet here HERE)

I have been exploring purple lately. It's an interesting color for me. Something I LOVED as a kid, but haven't had much experience with since.

This card has 2 shades, some olive silk ribbon and a sweet leaf hat pin. Which I'm in love with.
There is a simple sentiment since the rest is so BAM! in yo face!

Alright... that just about wraps 'er up.
hope you have a great weekend! I have a husband coming home from a business trip and a 13th wedding anniversary to plan. WOW... who knew we could make it this long!?

Wish me luck!!


Sep 3, 2013

Shimmer and Ombre and Cards, Oh my!

Hey there peeps! Good to be back, and so soon! I have two cards to share today. One I made awhile ago when I was at my mothers in the states. I had a HUGE order come to her house so I could play while I made my visit. Then I packed all that up and brought it home! But one thing I don't have which she does, is this gorgeous shimmer paper by PTI. It's so lovely in person. This photo does not do it justice. I used a new embossing folder by Provo Craft which I love:

Second photo involves a few steps. First, an ombre coloring with Copic Markers. In 3 shades of teal. Then I stamped my medallions with orange and then white ink. Added some rhinestones and a ribbon and adhered it to my card base. I really wanted to see what the shading of the Copics would do with stamping overlaid. I really love the look.
I have a photo lamp thats been out of commission so I am really struggling with getting good photos. Even though it is sunny and hot hot hot here in Singapore I just need more light coming through my windows (not more heat, which I DO have!)

Anyway, thats all for today. Hope your doing great as you take some time out to visit the blog-o-sphere.

love to you

Sep 2, 2013

Marbled Paper using Shaving Cream

I've seen this technique around for some time, and you know how you catalog things in your brain hoping to get to try it someday? Well, that "someday" finally came....

After a walk through my local market, I finally tracked down some regular shaving cream. (Singapore likes to sell a lot of the gel kind; which you can not use). Even after getting the cream, I put it aside hoping there would be time in between my regular life to try it out. A few days had passed until I had a friend request a father's day card for her husband. (She's Australian... they celebrate this weekend and not in June like the US)
Anyway, I thought this would be the PERFECT time to bust out the shaving cream!
It was really really fun. Just so you know. You should try it! And the best of all, it even smells manly! My entire office smelled musky. Kind of nice! wink~wink.

I used re-inkers from PTI for my color but I know you can use regular food coloring. Which will be what I use when I show this to my kids. They are going to love it!

I swirled around the color in the cream and pressed my watercolor paper into the mixture. I'm pretty sure you can use any kind of paper, but I like the texture the watercolor paper adds and also, I thought it would soak up the color best. I should have done a test with another paper to check it out. Maybe next time.

I added a simple Ali Miles sentiment to the card and adhered my watercolor paper to a card base. This is actually a different card than the one I gave my friend for her husband, because of course, I forgot to get photos before I handed it off. It was generally the same, but with a father's day sentiment. So, Happy Father's Day to all my Aussie friends!! Father's really are the best...

Thanks for stopping in today. Hope you have a good one

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