Nov 30, 2010

Cardabilities #16

Hey there! Today marks the ending of November. What the what?? So it's another special day over at Cardabilities. Here is today's sketch:

I think I was mostly inspired by the green, summery images on this sketch. Here is what I came up with:
I have loved this PTI stamp set since the first day I saw it. I love using it. It's fun, carefree and perfect for this sketch. I have been keeping my cards extra simple lately. It seems to work better for me than when I gussy them up a lot. I over exposed this in photoshop so my cloud is a bit light. It's rather dark on the actual card.

A simple little card to send to a friend. So, how about them holidays eh? They are going strong and the last is just around the corner. I actually do have most of my shopping done (whew!) and am looking forward to some time with my parents and staying cosy. We are also really heavy on the birthdays in the winter so we have a lot to look forward to, even when its cold and miserable outside. There's always a party to be had here!

Hope you are well goodbye to you for now and Goodbye November....until next time
Happy Crafting!

Nov 23, 2010

Pink Persimmon Christmas!

Hey there.... I have been soooo MIA. I wonder to myself, "Self, what have you been doing??" Well, I just don't have a great answer. Mostly life has been happening and it has been preventing me from getting other fun things done. But just incase you are worried I am only filling my time with cleaning floors and changing diapers, I thought I would share a few cards with you tonight:

the new Christmas sets from Pink Persimmon helped me make these cards:
This baby is all silver embossed and flat flat flat. well, except for the button that I couldn't do without! This new set is just charming with last years Holly Wreath set. Looks lovely embossed!

This second card has been up over at the Pink Persimmon blog so I thought I would throw it on at the end. I stamped the star image as a background using some Galaxy Gold ink that is nice and shimmery. It creeps up the page. I added a ric rac edge and there is a gem at the top of this tree. My camera has been naughty this last little while. The auto focus is super messed up and so picture taking is less than enjoyable and the outcome is borderline horrible. I can barely photoshop these pics into being viewable. But there you have it anyway. I hope to be back with a super fun giveaway that is NOT paper related, well, it is a paper (book!) but not for paper crafts. It's going to take me through this Thanksgiving holiday to get it pulled together though, but be sure to check back in a week or so. I hope to get some card making in too, so I am not so out of touch with you all.

What do you have planned for your holiday coming up? (well, I guess just us USA-ers) I have some in-laws coming into town and we are all chomping at the bit to see them! Thanksgiving will be BBQ turkey this year with all the fixin's. It's actually the first time I have ever had to do it myself, so it should get interesting.
Even if you are not celebrating something, I hope you have a wonderful week with those you love.
See you soon!

Nov 15, 2010

Cardabilities #15

Hey there blog-o-buddies! It's another fabulous reveal over at Cardabilities. Hope you can join us this go-round. Here is the sketch:

And here is my take on it:
I am still working out my holiday cards for this year and I thought using the sketch would be a great chance to get some inspiration help. I had this felted paper for K&Co which was just divine and it was shaped with the swoops and peaks. So I fussy cut a bit of it to go on my card front. I added some beautiful red ribbon (this is my fav. color red!) and a tag with simple font. The ribbon, stamps and card base are Papertrey Ink. I added come glitter over the berries which are hard to make out. A pretty simple way to put together some cards which is how I like it.

Head on over to Cardabilities to join in the fun! Hope all is well with you. I am using this week to finalize my Thanksgiving menu. It's a bit complicated right now and needs to be weeded through for my own sanity. Plus we picked up a sweeeet BBQ from the clearance rack at Target so I think a BBQed turkey needs to be added in there instead. Should be pretty great. We are also having some family come this year which will be wonderful! We can't wait for the holiday to get here. I think mostly because it means the husb will have some time off. We always love that.
Have a great week and Happy Crafting!!

Nov 12, 2010

Pink Persimmon New Stamp Sets!!

Hey there all! I just wanted to drop in since it has been AGES since I have posted. I wanted to share with you a bit from the amazing new stamp sets that Pink Persimmon has just come out with. I got the great opportunity to play with them and oh how I LOVE them! Here they are from the Pink Persimmon website. Click on the link and enjoy!

I made a few cards but will only share two of them today. Here is the first:

I clear embossed the image and then sponged it with ink. The top is Brilliance Galaxy Gold and has a great shimmer to it. I added a little jewel at the top.

Here is the second:
I made up a wreath using the small leaf stamp images. I punched a circle with my 3/4" circle punch and lightly fixed it to the center. I stamped around it to help me keep the wreath even. I stamped the small vine-y like image around the edge. I also copied the same onto the envelope using a different color. This sweet envie actually came from a gift I received from Red Envelope. The perfect color and size for a quick card and of course it was completely intact and just begging to be used again. I stamped the Merry Christmas image with Galaxy Gold as well, trimmed and popped it up.

So that's it for tonight. A few seasonal cards to get you all in the moooood. I have been a bit MIA since the auto focus on my camera has broken and taking pictures is just not as fun as it used to be. Gotta get a new lens since we have had this thing fixed more than once. I am a little bit exhausted of broken things in this house! So forgive me if my pics are blurry. They seem to be almost in focus except for one small spot. If you can find it in these pics, you are the winner! Ok, gonna hit the hay now so...
Nighty Night!

Nov 3, 2010

Winter Hat Giveaway!

A dear friend of mine makes these FABULOUS hats (both for kids and adults). She is having a giveaway on her BLOG. Go check it out and enter to win!!! You can pick you own colors, and you know that will make this coming winter so much more fun.

It's a beautiful fall day here today. How about where you are?? I think I need one of these hats to keep my ears from freezing off of my head. It's making me want to be cozy. I just had some hot chocolate and I see soup and bread in my near future. Yep, it's definitely fall here!!
have a great day!

Cardabilities #14

Oh man, do I feel Fooooolish. It seems I missed a Cardabilities reveal this last month. I think it was the church Halloween party that made me forget (I have to blame someone else, don't I??) Anyway. here is the sketch which happened this last Oct. 30th:And here is my take on it:
You know I think what happened was I saw it posted over at the Cardabilities website and I think I thought I was looking at my own blog or something. Somehow my brain thought it was already posted. I am totally lame.
I hope they can forgive me!!
This card was using up my K&Co stash from my scrap stash blitz. This is what actually started the entire blitz in the first place!!!
Anyway, its got some glittery chipboard embellies and a Martha Stewart doilies which I am (sadly) almost out of.

Happy Crafting everyone!

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