Feb 28, 2015

Background Stamping with AWDML and a little Trip

 Hello there friends!!! It's been awhile for us to meet together again.  I have had family in town for the last month and we took a little side trip just recently. Can you guess where? Here is a photo of my favorite part of our trip. A little place out of the way of the city. It was stunning! This is the first time I have ever understood someone naming a color 'sea foam'.  It really IS a color! So gorgeous!

Here is a little picture of my darling husband teaching 3 of the 4 kids how to fake "falling off a cliff." Yes, I know... being married with 4 boys is NOT for the faint of heart! (because actually hubby WAS on the edge of the cliff. Had to be so the other wouldn't fall!)

And, TADA!! Here is where I was. Do you recognise it?? It was a lovely trip! We returned to a full week of fun activities in Singapore before my guests departed just two days ago, and just between you and me, all I have been able to do since they left, is sit on my couch. Just can't bring myself to do one thing.  It was a whirlwind adventure to have them here. They have definitely made my year! We did everything under the Singapore sun, and anyone who knows how hot that can be will understand why I can't move now!

But a new week is coming so I thought I would stop in and say "Howdy!" and share with you my project for this week over at A Walk Down Memory Lane. You can jump over to the blog for a quick tutorial on background stamping with small images. I threw in some water-colour for good measure 
; )

Thanks for stopping in today and not giving up on me even though I have been missing for so long! Even when it's quiet here, I will always be back at least once a week, so hang on for Fridays!

I hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for the love!

Feb 15, 2015

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Happy Valentine's Day my love!

Hey there! Join me over at A Walk Down Memory Lane blog for some cards that showcase a new line of background stamps they have at the store. They are gorgeous!! Here is a little peek of my LOVE card just for your.

Things have been a bit quiet here, I know. I have had family in town since November so I don't get to blog as much as I used to. But just a few more weeks and we will be back to our regularly scheduled program, yes? Hope all is well with you and yours...

Feb 5, 2015

Canvas Corp Brands Valentine Post!

Hello hello!! Yay! It's time to post some thing I have been working on behind the scenes. Today I can share my Valentine's day card I made for Canvas Corp!
Be sure to check out all the inspiration over at Canvas Corp Brands and PIN your favourites for your chance to win!

What do you win, you ask??? Well, nothing but a $50 gift card!! That's a pretty good chunk o' change, if I do say so myself. The challenge is to create a valentine card and send it to someone as a surprise of love for them! I'm sending mine to my husbands office so he can get a little bit of lovin' from me in the middle of his hectic day.  We usually don't do much for Valentine's, so this will be a fun surprise!

Here she is:

I used a variety of papers and die cuts to create my card. Let me show you what I did:

I created a frame with various papers and also die cut my bullseye out of the paper too so I could inlay it all together.
 I then cut the bullseye out of some chipboard three times so I would have enough pieces to create different depths.

I fussy cut a heart and also die cut some circles from different patterns and then glued them all together at different heights and inlaid them all onto my card base.

You can see a bit of the layering here. I added a double LOVE die cut to create a shadow and a gold arrow with some enamel dots to finish it off.

I fussy cut two hearts. The bottom one I left a bit of a paper edge around it and the front one was cut clean to the heart (um... not great for valentines ;) This way there was a bit of a shadow added with the dimension.

And that's it! There are so many talented ladies over at Canvas Corp Brand. I definitely have my work cut out for me! But I am excited to be apart of it all. They have so many wonderful products and lots of challenges and inspiration to be apart of. So be sure to check it all out HERE!

Thanks for joining me today!

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