Jun 29, 2010

Baby Elephant

Good Morning! I wanted to stop in today and share a baby card with you. The boys and I are on our way to the pool. It's gonna be a hot one today!

I have some boy baby cards that I needed to make for the shop so you will see quite a few of them in the next little while. I have been doing a LOT of baby card designing (that might be a new release *hint*) and so I think I will have a ton to share. I will try to space them out so you don't get 'baby bored' ; )

I used all PTI sets on this one. I die cut the label and stamped it with polkas and text. I stamped, cut and colored the elephant and tied the baby tag around his neck. One interesting thing to note. I mixed a light blue marker with a T1 gray shadow marker. It makes for an interesting color:
The background is A Little Argyle with some Background Basics: Retro dots added into the diamonds. All very simple and fun!

I am realizing we are only on week 1 of summer and I am tired and cranky. hmmmm must be the heat. I hope we all make it through summer alive. And interestingly enough its not the school aged child that is driving me crazy. It's the messy, sassy, belligerent 3 year old instead. And he used to be so cute and delightful. what's a mom to do??

Little Sweet Pea

Good Evening friends. A little sweet pea card for you tonight. Gotta got to bed really, or I might fall asleep on my keyboard!

This baby card features some Dotty Biscotti paper which is really really fun when you see it in person. And of course the fabulous Hawaiian Shores color which just makes my heart sing when I see it. I love its vibrancy!
I added some stitching to my card today. I think I need some practice. Anyone have some sewing advice they would like to share? I always seem to have my stitches pulling out or waaaaaay too tight. This card turned out fine, but there are some others that need some help. Even when I futz with the tension it doesn't seem to fix it. I would LOVE some serious tips on how to get things 'sew' perfect. (bwaaahaaa!) Anyway, if you got some, I would appreciate it if wanted to share!

If I haven't said it yet, I just want to add that I cannot believe its July. Truly, where is my life going??? Its going TOO fast! AND, Check out what my little baby was caught doing tonight. Oh that cutie pie! Ok. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Going to hit the hay now. Good morning to you overseas folk and goodnight to you here at home.

Have a good one!

Deets: All Papertrey Ink Unless Noted
Stamps: Baby Button Bits
Ink: Noir (Palatte), Tea Dye Duo
Paper: Ripe Avocado, Hawaiian Shores, Vintage Cream, Dotty Biscotti
Accessories: Satin Ribbon, Mat Stack Die Cut, Vintage Buttons, Corner Rounder (Fiscars), Scallop Border Punch (SU!)

Jun 24, 2010

Last Day Of School, Thank You!!!

Good Mornin' to ya! Today is finally the last day of school! And you know, I totally forgot about school gifts and Ronin came to me yesterday and asked if he could take his teachers flowers. Very sweet, but that meant I had to make up a gifty-gifty for them last night. I went to the store at 11pm and it honestly took me WAAAAY too long to decide what to get. Finally I picked up some small bonsai plants because they will last and were the only thing there that looked even remotely healthy. I threw in some chocolate for good measure. Hopefully that will make up for sad looking plants ; )

I did manage to get a bit of card making in so here is the first one I made up. I was inspired by an outfit in a clothing catalog: (using all Papertrey Ink schtuffff)

I must say the new Beautiful Blooms II is my new favorite set. I LOVE these flower tops!! I also use the ric rac die cut, Polka Dot Basics set (a total classic!) and the Inside and Out: Thank You set.
A vintage button and some nice pink ribbon. Loverly!

Here is my second card. Yes, Ronin has TWO teachers! This one is using Beautiful Blooms II as well, but a different feel based on the colors I chose:
The background stamping was done by using A Little Argyle set (endless possibilities with this one!) stamped in Versamark Ink. I LOVE the look of it!
I also love the Say It With Style stamp set. Isn't that a fun font?! You might be able to tell that I have done a bit of purchasing lately. I am having a really good time with my new stuff..... *sigh*

Ok. Thanks for stopping in today and for all your lovely comments this week. Summer is finally here and we can't wait to play! The last few nights we have had company over so we have all be up late playing. I'm excited because finally we can do that without sleeping in and being late for school!

Mr. Campy Cards!

Hey, real quick post tonight. Ronin is sitting next to me begging to help him color in his Batman coloring book, so you know I have to adjust my priorities ; )

Just two more cards I made up for the store:

These just make me want to eat smores!! I LOVED your comments about camp! I never did go to sleep away camp. We did do girls camp which was a week in the summer for church and of course that was fun and crazy, but I don't know if I will be able to send my kids to sleep away camp. Sounds like just trouble waiting to happen!
Anyway. Thanks for all your well wishes on the cards in the store. I hope they sell too! Thanks so much for stopping in. Have a great night!

Jun 23, 2010

Camp Cards

Hey there everybody! I have so many cards to share with you but I just can't yet! Soon, I promise. Until then, I have a few different cards to share. I have a good friend here who has helped me get some cards to sell in a little kids boutique in the area. I made up some of these camp cards to sell there too. The boutique is selling lots of fun things to send with kids to sleep away camp and we thought these would be fun to sell too!
Just perfect to go with your son or daughter so they can write to you while they are away.

I used all Cosmo Cricket Mr. Campy stuff. Figured I might as well, since its sitting around and PERFECT for sleep away camp. This first card has polka dots in the background which are a bit hard to see. I fussy cut the camp sentiment and used a PTI fillable frame. The leaves are stickers.
This last card I used the Woodgrain Impression plate for the card base but it is hard to see too. This one was simple I matted the tag that came in my Mr. Campy crafting kit and tied some twine around it. In real life, the woodgrain impression plate is doing most of the work. this is a simple card but really fun to look at with the texture.

So thats all. Baby is crying so must run. There are a few more cards going to the boutique that I have to share in the next few days. So keep your eyes peeled. I am SO excited to be selling these cards. As soon as I can get their weblink to work I will share it with you.

thanks for stopping in today. hope things are well! be back later this week

Jun 17, 2010

Oh no, and a Woot Woot!

hey there people. I wanted to stop in today to share a few things and then I realized I can't share them yet!!! I am working on some fun stuff but it has yet to be released so I have to keep it under wraps for a bit longer. Sorry. That's the Oh No, of the title, but the Woot Woot can be found HERE. I am SO lucky and have been asked to be on the Cardabilities design team! Head on over there and check out the fun stuff they have going on. I love this site because you get two sketches a month on the 15th and 30th. It's a great way to get involved online and work on your design skills without overwhelming your entire life and let me tell you these sketches are AMAZING! I can't wait to get started! Thanks so much to Karen and I hope to see you over at Cardabilities soon!

Jun 11, 2010

Picture Frame

Hey there all! Well, as you can see there is a new look here on the blog. Do you like-y? Well, I would love to say I planned it, but honestly it was all done by accident. You see there was a button here and a link there and before I knew it I had a new template. It was a confusing whirlwind and I tried to fix it best I could cause I didn't know how to get back to the regular template! HA! So funny that I can even carry on this blog considering how technically challenged I am. Anyway. I do like it so I think I will leave it until I accidentally change it again ; )  Let me know if its easy to read. Nothing worse than squinting your eyes so you can see something. ok... on with the show!

Here is a little somethin' somethin' I pulled together a few weeks ago. I love doing picture frames as gifts because they are fairly simple and so much fun. I used papers and embellishments from My Minds Eye that I have had in my stash for a long long while. I adored it so much I had to get everything on the rack and then it sat untouched waiting to be used until now!

I had originally purchased it all to do some scrapbooking but that never happened. However now with three boys I have lots of reasons to use boy scrapbooking stuff. Just need to get organized. Until then I don't mind using it to make picture frames! Here is the picture I wanted to put in it. I don't actually have the pic yet, I just photoshoped it in so you could see what it will look like:

This was all the boys at the kindergarten concert. It was a farm theme and all the kids were supposed to dress up. Ronin went as a dog. We figured that was a good farm animal (and we already had a costume). It was very cute. I made him this nose (marker on paper) and put it through my sticker maker so he could stick it to his face. He kept pushing it around so it was always in a funny spot. But super cute nonetheless.

Ok thats all for tonight. Must sleep now. Do you have fun plans for this weekend?? I hope so! Thanks for stopping in tonight. I love reading your comments. Thanks for sharing with me. You are appreciated! Hope all is well in your neck o' the woods.

Jun 9, 2010


Good evening friends. Tonight I had a quick card to share with you. The other day I did a bit of sketching to get a few ideas for cards. Some inspirations came from magazines and come just came from the 'ol noodle. Here is a noodle card:

I wanted to design with purple. It's a tough color for me. I chose to use some copics to color in my flower. A dark purple (V99) and a light purple (V91) with some pink (R20) inbetween. It's not really the way you are supposed to do it (you should use three of the same color) but I like the tie-dye look it gave. The inside is a few different colors of oranges and yellows.
I added a flourish and some rhinestones and popped up the panel with dots. It was a really simple design that was also executed quickly. Can't argue with that.  And to top off the night I wanted to share a pic with you of my little bean. He is 4 months old and to me seems SO much bigger!
I love this little kai guy. He looooooves his fist nowadays. And boy do his eyes sparkle when he smiles. ooh, i love him! 
OK, enough o' that. Hope you will join me later this week since I have a few more things to share.

Welp, I am off to do some crafting. I LOVE the summer! It's practically here (only 11 days left of school!) and my crafting time is multiplying, so all in all I am one happy gal!
thanks for stopping in tonight. Sleep well my little cherubs...

Jun 7, 2010

Thank You~

Good evening my fellow crafters! Coming to you tonight live from my living room. What a great week it has been having my DH here. Lots of things got accomplished this week and we spent a lot of great time together as a family.  I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who commented on my last card. I LOVED hearing your stories about your own husbands and the sweet things they do for you. It was quite a comfort for me also to know that many of you have husbands that work long hours as well. I will think of you next time I am alone and putting my kids to bed!! But until then (which will be tomorrow night) I wanted to share a card with you. I got some new punches by Martha Stewart this last week:

Some of her punches now come in a 2 pack. One punch for the corner and one for the edge. This is what it looks like when you put them together! I am still trying to figure out the measuring, but this one didn't turn out too bad. I added some scraps that I have had hanging around for years and that always feels good.
The pattern paper and the tag that I stamped 'thank you' on are both an Amy Butler line from K&Co. The stamp is the new PTI Inside and Out: Thank You set. This card is going to a special friend in my life that has done so many things to help me this last year and a half. One of those was getting me started into running. I have always hated running but she encouraged me to get started and now I really do like it. My heart owes her BIG time! 

Ok. This is a funny thing that the kids were fighting about today. And I mean they were really fighting and screaming about it. We were coming home from church and Cache was yelling that Jesus only loved him and no one else. And of course Ronin was yelling "NO! He loves everyone!!!" And on and on it went. What a thing to fight about!

Anyway. Hope you have a great night. I will see you later this week.  I have some stamp sets that are begging for ink and since DH goes back to work this week there might be some night time hours that I can devote to actually stamping. I missed it this week!

Thanks for stopping by.

Stamps: PolkaDot Basics II, Inside and Out: Thank You (PTI)
Ink: Raspberry Fizz (PTI)
Paper: Raspberry Fizz, Lemon Tart (PTI), Pattern Paper (Amy Butler)
Accessories: Pink Ribbon (Michaels) Vintage Buttons (PTI) Tag (Amy Butler), Corner and Border Punch (Martha Stewart)

Jun 1, 2010

Hello London

I know that is a totally weird title, but there is a reason. So, here is the story:  My dear dear husband has been working a lot lately. I realize it seems like he is always working a lot and really he has been for the last 6 months. But this time its a bit different because he is actually in town and comes home each night but we still don't see him because he leaves early and stays late. BUT he finally got a night off so we could go out on a date. His boss said to have the company pay for it (SCORE!) as a gift to him for working so hard. I found a restaurant and checked on movies. It was delightful if not a bit of a farce. I checked the movie on the wrong date so when we got to the theater the show we wanted to see wasn't playing so we got different tickets but ended up walking into the wrong theater and sat around for a good 30 minutes before we realized it and then had to go to the late show. Our babysitter was asleep by the time we got home. BUT that is not the story... the story is that my dear husband bought me a little thank you gift for the night. And would you believe it he bought me STAMPS?!?! He found these Cavallini & Co. destination stamps at Anthropologie. He said he wanted to give me something that would be just for me and something I could enjoy while he took the kids off my hands for a bit. Isn't that sweet of him?? So I finally got them out to make up a card:
They have a lot of different locations in the world and the postage stamp and bon voyage stamp you see above. I double stamped the London to get the faded look and overlapped the others and then distressed it and sponged it. I wanted it to look like a piece of air mail or something similiar. 
I got my PTI order in the mail and it had this amazing Hawaiian Shores color in it. WOAH how I love it! I also got some of their silk ribbon and dyed it with some ink and a sponge. The flower is actually a paper doily cut small and crunched up. The sentiment is Hero Arts and the flourish on the tag is from PTI Vintage Labels. I like how this turned out even though its got modern colors and vintage-y embellies and stamps I kind of like the blend of two different styles. Anyway. I hope all is well for you! My dear husb has the entire week off!!! We are all really excited. This week is full of home improvements and then the boys are going camping for the weekend. Seriously its tough when he works so hard but when he finally gets time off, it is SOOOO worth it!! This weekend was a glorious time as a family at the beach flying kites. We had a splendid time. How was your weekend??

Hope you will check back more this week. I am finally getting back into crafting mode and have stuff to share! Its great to have t.v. shows ending so I am more motivated to craft and not sit on my duff rocking the baby watching Hulu all night! 

Thanks for checking in today. Have a great one!

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