Jul 30, 2015

Sweet Stamp Shop July Release!

Hey there! Today is THE day! Join up over at Sweet Stamp Shop for their July Release! Things were a bit delayed this month but we are getting it in, juuuuust under the wire for July.

I wanted to share with you a card I created just for the occasion.

Starting with the full thang....

You're A Big Dill. hahahahahaha! Oh MAN! That makes me laugh every time! For some reason I think this stamp is hillll-ar-ious.  

Ok, so I took my cool guy and coloured him and die cut him into a rectangle and mounted him on some black card stock. I wanted him to look like a poloriod but then I got a bit excited about the sentiment being big and kind of lost the look there a bit. I then die cut the SMILE circle out of shiny gold card stock and adhered it all to this cool pattern paper that makes my dill even more cool.

And that's all! Just one card for you today. I hope you have a happy release! Jump on over to the Facebook even page to check out all the new stuff and then head to the STORE for some shopping! Woot!

Thanks for stopping in today!

Jul 29, 2015

Top Dog Dies posts

Hello there!

I have been gone this last weekend traveling and just got back home today. So I am playing catch up! Check out both of my TopDogDies.com posts that went up this week, over on their blog.

I have a fun gift giving tutorial using die cut felt that you can see by clicking HERE.

As well as a simple card using some distress ink sponging and only 3 simple little die cuts for a sweet and easy card you can make again and again. Click HERE

I love working with Top Dog Dies. They are fantastic! They have some really fun die cuts to choose from. If you haven't already been over to their store, go ahead and take a look! I know you will find something you love and will use again and again.

Thanks for stopping in this week. TOMORROW is the new release for Sweet Stamp Shop. So be sure to check back !

Until then,

Jul 24, 2015

CutCardStock.com Card set!

Hey there! Join me over at CutCardStock.com blog for a little tutorial working with some gorgeous shimmery papers and envelopes.

You can join me also over at A Walk Down Memory Lane blog for my weekly post and tutorial showing some sponging/masking tips and a card.

Be sure to check back next week as the Sweet Stamp Shop July release will be in full swing and also check back here on tuesday for my Top Dog Die post. Lot's to see and love here!

thanks for stopping in,

Jul 20, 2015

Top Dog Dies: First post!!

Good morning to you all! It's Monday here in my neck of the woods and I wanted to share with you my very first post for Top Dog Dies... I was fortunate enough to work with these cute hot air balloons. I matched it with a paper collection from My Mind's Eye which fit perfectly!

Here is card number one:

I love when things just go together seamlessly. It was if these die cuts were made to go with this paper (of course it helps that the paper is carnival themed and has its own hot air balloons in it)

I also paired it with some vellum, both patterned and plain and some gold sequins. Those just can't be beat!

And of course I was having such a great time die cutting things that I had enough for two cards. I used a sticker for the sentiment on this card. I stuck it to some vellum and trimmed it out for an added mat. 

You can see the patterned vellum a bit more in this photo.  I love patterned vellum!

Well, that's it. My work here is done! I am posting every tuesday here on the blog and over at Top Dog Dies, so be sure to check it out! This was actually done for last week so I will have a new one for you on Tuesday (EST) So I will see you then!


Jul 14, 2015

Sweet Stamp Shop June Release (just a month late :)

Hey there Sweet Stamp Shop fans. Thanks so much for joining me!! It's been awhile since I have been around, and I'll tell you why. Well, I decided at the beginning of June to get the heck out of dodge and left Singapore for the USA to spend a month with my family. My kids had a month break from school so I thought it was high time they got to enjoy all the things that America has to offer. Technically it had been 3.5 years since they had been state-side so they were all due a trip. So since I was gone, I kinda missed a pretty big event.... yup, the Sweet Stamp Shop June release. Well, we all celebrated through Facebook and Instagram but I just kind of missed it here. So now, here I am!
I wanted to show you my card:

I'm not gonna lie, this card took some time. I wanted it to be different. More then just the undies image and background paper. But in order for it to be different I had to put on my thinking cap. Well, the straightness of the undies gave me an idea. Hexagons! Let me show you how I executed it.
I first measured my little undies stamp. It was exactly 1 inch. 

So I took to Photoshop and created a 1inch hexagon and printed it out.

 I then trimmed out my hexagon and traced it all over my card base with a pencil.

I then stamped all the undies going around each traced hexagon to be sure my lines were straight and even. (I practiced once on scrap paper, just in case)
I left one hexagon empty and traced around it with a black marker. I then coloured it in with some Copic markers. Dark on the inside and lighter toward the outside.

I used this hexagon as a background for my main undies image and the sentiment which I fussy cut around and then coloured with a R20 Copic marker. I also added some hearts inside each hexagon for an added touch of pink color.

And that's it! Simple right? Hahaha... that made me laugh! Well, sometimes when I am crafting late at night I get hair-brained ideas and they just go off without me. But I'm glad I got to share it with you!

And from here on out, be sure to really look at your stamps and see what other shapes may lurk inside them :) You never know what you can create!

ALSO..... Don't miss this months Sweet Stamp Shop release which is coming up soon! Another great release and I promise to have a card here to share with you, ON TIME!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a good one!

Jul 12, 2015

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Neon Backgrounds

Hello there! Join me over at A Walk Down Memory Lane blog for a tutorial on how I made this little guy:

Have you been over to the store yet? There is A LOT Of new fun stuff and the website is fun to navigate. Go ahead, take a gander!! AND They have put everything at 20% off until July 12th!!
So get a move on!

Thanks for stopping in..

Jul 3, 2015

A Walk Down Memory Lane- Gelatos

Join me over at A Walk Down Memory Lane today for some gelatos and rock n' roll!

I'm finally back in the states visiting for Independence day but head back to Singapore this next week. I will be checking in with you again from there! Thanks for stopping in. Have a great weekend!


Have You Heard??

Just stopping in real quick to give you a heads up on some things going on in the crafty world. Check it out:

Have you heard?? There are some fun things going on right now. FIRST check out this giveaway that Nicole from Sweet Stamp Shop is having. Click HERE to get all the info!

And have you heard this news? I'm now on the design team for Top Dog Dies!! I Am so excited to get started. They have so many fun die cuts to offer. Check it out! And meet the entire team over at TopDogDies.com

Also, CutCardStock.com is having a design team call. And maybe you are the next person for the job? Check it all out RIGHT HERE.
Good luck!

It's the 4th on saturday and I'm here in the states spending some time with my family. So happy to be here in the U.S. of A!

see you soon

Jul 2, 2015

Sweet Stamp Shop- Spotlight stamping with backgrounds

Hello there! It's Kristie Larsen here and I'm glad to be back today to share with you a little card with a simple concept that can be adapted in many ways. Lets get started!

I first took the Lower Outline Alpha stamp set and stamped out the word "campout" across my white card base. (I LOVE this font!) I started in the middle to get a good placement and then worked around it as I went.

I then took some Copic markers and coloured in just ONE of the stamped 'campout' words to highlight or spotlight that one part. This is what I used as the sentiment. When you stamp in black and white, you can spotlight any part of a card with ease just by adding some color. You could do multiple words but spotlight them in a shape if you want. I think you can come up with quite a few variations that would keep you crafty for a long while!

I then used this adorable set 'CampOut' set to make up the other elements of the card. I colored the little trailer with Copics


And also coloured the fire and my little marshmallows on a stick!! I am currently in the states on holiday and are living it up!... We roasted (and burned) all the marshmallows we could get our hands on. I LOVE the marshmallows because they are so cute, but maybe I should have coloured them black, just to be realistic! That's all we know in our family, 'char-broiled mallow/'

I went out to my parents concrete patio to take some final pictures. They kind of add to the overall 'camping' look.... It's a simple card, but a lot of fun elements!

Here is a little close up for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks for stopping in today. Be sure to find us on Instagram where we share daily inspiration on crafting, storage, and planning. You're sure to find something to inspire you!

Until next time,

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