Jul 25, 2013

New Stuff to Share

Hey there all! I do have some new things I have been working on. I am back to making and selling cards, so here are a few that will hopefully be "flying off the shelves" in just a short time. I got some new products and some old, all added together to make some birthday fun:

I don't know about where you live, but here neon is back! So I added that with some chevron. Can't go wrong with that combo (this thing is much more bright in real life)

 This is a card set. I love these little robots. I always have. I used them here with some chalk pencils. And cute sentiments right underneath. It's a greeting card set of 4.

Pardon the less than stellar photos. My camera was out of town when I was taking these ; ) I have many more where these came from. I've been a busy bee. So stay tuned for more!

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