Apr 20, 2011

Bookmark Swap

Just wanted to stop in quickly and show you a little something I participated in a while back. Dear sweet Patti asked if I wanted to do a bookmark swap and you know, how could I not???? Here is what I made up using some die cuts, tags and ribbon:

I wanted them all to have enough ribbon hanging so it could be seen from the top and bottom of the book when you closed it. I love ribbon tales.

Here's a close up of all the ones I made:
It really makes reading even more fun to have a pretty book mark hanging out of your book!

And a little something else...

You can check out my personal blog HERE to check out who's coming in September. For those of you who don't want to click, I will give you a little hint: It starts with 'B' and ends in 'aby'.

Thats right folks, baby #4 is on the way! We weren't really planning it, but its here nonetheless and we are getting excited! Lots of changes here in Larsen land. So needless to say, I won't be blogging much. But will try to do my best. Now that I am not sick anymore, I actually do feel like crafting. It's the time that I keep looking for. But I do get something made here and there and will try to share more.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mar 30, 2011

Cardabilities #28

Hey there!! Today marks the last day of my Cardabilities term so here it is without further ado.
Today's sketch:

Here is my take on it:

I used some new stuff here. Purple cardstock and buttons, doilie and extra large sentiment stamps (which I love!) All from PTI.

ok. I would love to stay and chat but I have a 4 year old begging me to help him cut cardboard. My momma instincts say I should help him rather then letting him do it himself. Do you think?
hope you have a great weekend.
thanks for stopping by!

Mar 18, 2011

Cardabilities #27

Good evening to you! Here is this weeks Cardabilities sketch:

And here is my take on it:
You know, I am still trying to figure out my camera sitch. I had this great one and the white balance worked great, but this new one, while I love it as a camera, has serious WB issues. anyway, I did get to ink up some new PTI stamps for this one. I LOVE the doilies!! Anyone out there agree? those doilies, whew! What's a stamping girl to do??

So this is a quick post. Got a MOUND of laundry haunting me from the other room. I really must get us some clean underwear to wear. Trust me, EVERYONE will thank me later ; )

thanks for stopping by!

Feb 28, 2011

Cardabilities #26

Cardabilities sketch today!!! # 26 coming your way! (um, I didn't mean for that to be a song... but you can kind of feel the music, right?)

Here is your sketch:
Here is my take:
Can you tell I want some fun in my life!! I need spring really really bad and I can feel it, on the edge just waiting to break through. The pot of spring bulbs I've had waiting out the winter in the garage are peeking up their little heads. They can feel it too and want to show themselves. I. just. cant. wait!
A little 'smile' close up for ya today. Don't you just love these balloons? I love this stamp set. Really its a gem.
How are things in your neck o' the woods lately? I hope the snow is melting and you get to feel some sun on your cheeks soon.
love to you

Feb 19, 2011

Valentine's Recap

So I am finally getting around to showing you what I put together for my friends for Valentine's Day. Now please take into consideration that I DID want to do something fancy-schmancy. Something like THIS or THIS, but between the three kids, and the winter blahs, I have a serious case of the lazy-s. SO, I broke out my Cricut (thanks again Mom!) and cut up some boxes:

They have this cute heart for the top. I used the Tags, Boxes, Bags and More cartridge. They folded up nice and easy.
Here are a few to look at. I punched out some white hearts using my Marvy small heart punch and then stamped my Happy Valentines Day stamp from PTI's Tiny Treats: Valentine set.
I stuffed them with some Lindor Chocolates. Really the perfect little treat for a Valentine. So that's it. Nothing remarkable or crazy unless you consider that it only took me an hour to put all 12 together. Now for a homemade valentine, that is pretty remarkable!

How has your week been? I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend... hope it stays that way!
thanks for stopping in today. Have a great weekend!

Feb 15, 2011

Cardabilities #25

Hey there... its February!! Boy does that make me feel good. Although it is SO frigid outside I feel as if spring will never come! But moving on to the month of love does help warm me up a bit.

Here is the sketch for Cardabilities:

Now, before you think me strange, just remember this is supposed to INSPIRE not necessarily dictate what I do. Here is my take:
Listen, I was TOTALLY inspired!! I kept moving around this canvas until something clicked in me. I feel like I have all the elements. Mats, Ribbon... uh, stamps! But you know I tend to dump the symmetrical quite often, so I guess you could say that was a trademark move. Anyway, I was inspired and like how this turned out! It has gone to Ronin's teacher for Valentine's Day.
Here is a little close up. How much do I love polka dots? I mean really, I think they make the world go round.
Love to you this Valentine week!
Have a good one.

Feb 6, 2011

Favorite 2010 Papertrey Ink Projects

Hey there all you Papertrey Ink-ers! I am re-posting my favorite Papertrey Ink projects for the year and just crossing my fingers and toes in hopes of winning the BEST darned giveaway EVER! I have absolutely LOVED the die cuts and coordinating stamps that have come out this year. Here are two cards I made for my sons end of the year gifts at school:

I used the outline stamps from A Little Argyle and of course my favorite flower of the year!
Again the flower and of course the polka dots that no one should live without. I based this card off of a dress ensemble I found in a clothing catalog. I love me some good inspiration!

Well thats it folks! Thanks so much to Papertrey Ink for helping me stay creative and happy!!

Jan 30, 2011

Cardabilities #24

Cardabilitie Time People!!! Here is sketch # 24

Here is my take on it:
Welp, we got a new camera and for some reason I don't know how to use it. Plus my Photoshop program is Ollllld and won't sinc with the camera so there was a lot of drama getting this baby shot. Finally my husb took care of the photo and editing which is why you see this retro shading/blurring mystical thing going on here. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. I am just glad it actually got shot without me chucking the camera at the wall.
Ok, so January is over. I was worried it would draaaaag. it usually does, but to my delight it has gone by quite quickly and now we have a boy turning 4 and a boy turning 1! all in one week of each other. It should be fun!
Things here are busy, which is why you only see me twice a month. I really thought I was going to be able to keep up on it and did pretty good there even after the baby was born, but other stuff has taken over and my crafting has taken a back seat. It does feel good to craft, but all the other fires that need to be put out during the day prevent me from getting to it more. Anyway, I hope YOU get to craft as much as you like!

hope all is well with you in your neck of the woods.

Jan 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Scottie

Hey there! You know, I was missing you and all this crafty goodness so I thought I would stop by and share a card. One of my favorites that I have made in the last little bit:

I haven't gotten to do much crafting but when this baby went together I did smile and sigh and wish I could sleep in my stamp drawer. I lurve it.

Sweet dreams my little cherubs.

Jan 16, 2011

Cardabilities #21

Good day to you all out there! Well, another Cardabilities challenge has come around and now its time to share! Here is sketch #21:

Here is my take on it:
I got to use some new die cuts that have been waiting to get used. Lets be honest, with the holidays and back to back family visits plus just life happening, I have NOT been crafting. This was a good chance to get it going again. It was a lot of fun and I like how it turned out. I even got to send it out to a friend right away which always feels good. I don't like making a card and then putting in a pile of other cards that just collect dust. What about you??

I took some old tissue paper that I had sitting around and folded it up a few times and then cut my butterfly out of it. It really adds a lot of dimension and flounce to it! Other stamps are Papertrey Ink and the printed paper medallion is Cosmo Cricket.

This marks the middle of the longest month of the year, and it feels good to have it moving! It has been so bitter cold and of course you can't forget the two huge snow storms that showed us what they were made of. I think they were calling this last one a Snow Bomb? Well, what will they come up with next?

Anyway, what are you all up to this holiday weekend? We have been discussing Martin Luther King Jr. a lot this week and I feel so grateful for visionary people who help make this world a better place. What a wonderful person to celebrate this week.

Have a happy weekend!

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