Nov 28, 2012

Simple Crafty Advent Calendar

So, Christmastime is coming!! I feel I am awake enough in my new environment to actual notice a holiday is coming! Unlike all the other holidays that have passed without me noticing. I spent New Years in a chinese grocery store, we completely skipped Valentines and St. Patrick's Day. We managed to squeeze in a few eggs for Easter but the candy was crap and the 4th of July was a huge bust. I spend moments of my day worried about my kids not knowing or participating in all these traditions and what would become of them so I vowed to make it a memorable Christmas!

I have never owned an Advent Calendar. And since my crafts have slowly made their way out of their boxes, I felt a huge nudge to make one myself. I found these cute bags at Ikea. They actually are meant for a calendar and come with these little number stickers, but I wanted it to be a bit more crafty than that. Tsk Tsk!

I used the Doily die cuts from Papertrey Ink and cut out 24 of the 3 different styles in white. And adhered them to the front of the little bags.

Then I busted out the ol' Cricut and made up my numbers at 1 1/2 inches. 
(I was SO glad the power situation worked out on that on. Ask me about the other things I have blown out using Sing's 220 power.) 

 Aaaaaand, easy does it... Taped those on with pop-up tape.

 Voila! I stuck the finished bags on the wall in the shape of a tree. 
My first Advent Calendar:
 Here's a close-up of a few of the numbers. It's really simple and I really like it. You may know about my Christmas Books that I add to each year and which live each year under our tree for our reading enjoyment. Well this year I wrapped each one and placed a number on it that corresponds with a day from the advent calendar. I also added a few Christmas movies to watch and of course some scripture reading for each day to really set our holiday up right.

I'm excited for it to start on saturday! WAAAY more excited than my kids, for sure. I was wondering if doing these things would make me miss home more or fill the hole that I've had since we've moved here. Luckily it has really helped me become more planted in this place of the world we have chosen to "bloom" in. Family traditions are what hold us together! No matter the craziness of life or the experiences that pull the rug out from under us. Tradition gives you comfort and the reminder that you do belong somewhere. And that is together as a family in this journey of life. Each tradition that we have dusted off or created this past year has really helped ground me in my reality. And because of that, I am even more excited to welcome Christmas this year. Ho Ho Ho!

Nov 17, 2012

Welcome Back!!!

Hey there! Are you out there, at all?? I am back.... 

Lots has happened in the last year and a half. First off, I had another baby. That's right. I now have 4 boys. I think some of you were here for that. I think I was, right?
Baby was born Sept. 2011. It was all I could do to keep going until it happened and then two months later, we moved to Singapore.
Yes, you heard me. Singapore. As in, Southeast Asia. We have been here for almost a year, and I tell you what, my head is still swimming. 

But I did get a bit of a craft space carved out of our EXTREMELY tiny apartment though. And somehow I have managed to level off my hormones to the point where I can actual DO some crafting!
Don't get me wrong, I love babies, and having babies and all my babies, but WHEW! Its about time I get to feeling normal again. 

So without further ado, here is my first card after 18 months:
Sending you a Happy (and crafty!) Hello!
(please ignore the extremely ugly green cutting mat. Still trying to figure out how to photograph these things in this EXTREMELY tiny apartment. Plus my new camera after leaving my old camera in a cab the second week we were in country. Oh, how I cried then.)

Now, I am not vain enough to think that people are out there just waiting for me to get back into the crafting game. Indeed, unless you are doing this professionally, its impossible to have people stopping in here everyday. But let's be honest. I'm doing this more for me, right?  But I would love to have some friends along for the ride, if you are out there looking for some crafting inspiration.

Now that I am feeling a bit more on my feet, I am getting to know Singapore and its crafting scene. So far, I'm just on the outskirts but I hope to get to see and do more here. There are some local craft stores that might have some space for a little western girl and her craft supplies. Maybe I will try to teach a few classes? 

Regardless, I will be logging onto the ol' blog here and updating as regularly as I can.
I have been feverishly preparing Christmas cards and ornaments for my tree. So stay tuned. I am going to be decorating my house right after Thanksgiving (which is just a regular thursday here) and then I will share pictures after that. So make a visit in a week or so if you want to get into the Christmas spirit.

Until then, if you are indeed out there, please stop by to say Hello! I hope all my blogging pals are still alive, well and crafting like banshees.

Happy Crafting Hello.... See you soon ; )


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