May 29, 2014

Gold Hello

Hey there!! After coming down from this last crafting weekend, I finally found myself today and promptly realised that I missed you! So here I am, back to post.

I'm sharing this card, which is already on my Pinterest and FB pages, but I don't think I have archived it here, so I thought I would real fast.  But honestly, I'm just here to say "hi"! ; ) How are you?

This is one of my first watercoloring attempts and for some reason I like it better than all the others I have done since then. Why does it work that way? Beginners luck and then what follows is the obvious fact that I can't water-colour. But I am trying to remedy that now! Lots of practice, that's what it takes. Boo-Hoo, poor me ; )

Ok, first I started with some water colour paper and used my water-colour pencils to wash the background. Not too much blending because I love the stripes of colour. I waited for it to dry and the splattered it with black, which is always a dangerous mission! So many black splatters flying at once! I was lucky enough for it to not make too much of a mess but I did loose a few envelopes that I had sitting on my desk. I always learn the hard way! And they seem to have landed pretty kindly on my paper too. Whew!

And for the sentiment I used the Big Hello die cut by Simon Says Stamp that is all over the blog-o-sphere. But its gorgeous, so how can it not be!? I also used a technique you see a lot... stacked die cuts. Four cuts in white and one in gold. I searched all over Singapore for this gold foil card stock. Finally found it and now I am out again.... why didn't I buy more when I had it in my hands? Probably because its just too darn expensive here. I need a direct shipping tunnel from SSS to me minus the shipping costs. That would solve a lot of issues for me, I think.

Ok. That's all for today. Just wanted to come say 'Hi' and I was taught never to come to a party empty handed! But really, is this a party? Maybe, maybe not, but I love it all just the same!

Less than 12 hours left to vote for Gallery Idol! So head on over and get'er done! Hope I get to have another crazy crafting weekend!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Vera Yates (Ling) said...

What a fun card, Kristie! Love the watercolor look.

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