Jan 10, 2010

365 Cards Sketchy Sunday

WOAH! What a year it has been. I am FINALLY home after traveling for quite a few weeks and let me tell you, it feels good to be back. Regardless of the nightmare of re-entering real life, its quite nice to back in my own home, my own bed and getting to see friends again! I have been seriously MIA, but I hope to get in a few posts this month before dear baby comes along. So lets get started!

Here is Pam's sketch for today over at 365 Cards:

I like this sketch. It's very appealing to me. Of course after having some time off, it still stumped me and took a bit of doing. I also got to use this fun butterfly image from In Style Stamps. Here is what I came up with :I have these spiral notecards from Making Memories that I trimmed and added as the front shapes. Some of the swirlies were there, but I added a few more and the rose image to give me some color. I covered that butterfly with glitter and pearl essence to make it shimmer. Curl up the wings a bit to make it fly! 

Here is a close up of it. Um... it looks a lot more gooped on than it is (I think). This is one of many digital download you can purchase from In Style Stamps. Head on over and take a look. They have a lot of fun things and you will see even more of them from all of us at 365 Cards this week.

I am looking at the next few weeks worth of projects. I would really like to have them all done by the time the baby gets here, so you might not see much of me other than on challenge days. Yesterday I bought diapers, pacifiers and pulled out the old clothes. Now just got to get them washed and find a place to put them! The co-sleeper is in the corner waiting to be opened and of course I still need to figure out the hospital admittance form and pack a bag, but I still have a few weeks, so there is time. Hopefully there will be enough time for ALL of it!

I hope you all had a splendid holiday for those of you who have been celebrating something over this last month. I sure did! Lots of flying and driving to visit relatives and friends. The kids and I have had a few rough days getting back on track this week. I anticipate another few days before things really settle down. Lots of tantrums (both the kids and I), lots of tears shed (again, by all of us) and the house is a wreck. I hope to have enough motivation to get it taken care of before DH gets into town today, but you know I really can't make any promises ; ) Good thing DH doesn't mind! He has been away from home on and off for about a month so we are looking forward to spending some time together as a family and vegging out in our pjs. Sounds nice doesn't it? I picked up LOTS of movies from the library and some ice cream, so we should have a pretty good time. Hope you guys do too!

Thanks for stopping by on this wonderful day. Take care.

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~amy~ said...

23 days kristie? good grief...time flies...

super fabbie glittery card for today's sketch challenge!

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