Aug 8, 2009

CHA Photos!!!

Ok, so I am totally lame because I didn't take any picture of product or full booths, I only took pictures of my Stamping Idols and even then, I missed a few. But here are some of the lovely ladies I got to meet while I was there, and let me tell you, they are just as wonderful as they look and then some!!

I spent a lot of my time at the Papertrey Ink booth. They had fabulous make-n-takes and of course the company just couldn't be beat. It's the only reason why I went to the show in the first place (that and to get some R&R from the kidlins). I got to meet and talk to the uber-talented and ever brilliant mind behind Papertrey Ink. Nicole Heady:
Isn't she lovely? She is young and smart and so so kind. Thank you Nicole for chatting with me and for the wonderful product you produce each month! I remember getting into stamping a bit a few years ago and thinking I might try it out for awhile, but when I found PTI, the passion and desire to stamp 24/7 shot through me like a knife. The quality and design of these products are top notch and they never disappoint. It's fresh, modern, cute, and fun all rolled into one. There is a bit of everything to meet your style but its always clean and professional so you look like a stamping rock star when you send out a card. Now that is something I can get behind!! Stamping has been a pure joy and blessing in my life ever since and in so many ways, so I do really owe a lot to this lady. Thank you Thank you!~

And who could forget the other PTI ladies that were there? Color guru and celebrity stamper Dawn McVey:
Holy cow is she sweet!!! I was so excited to meet her. I am amazed that all that talent comes out of one brain. Truly Amazing!  She is everywhere in the crafting world and SO SO talented that I am sure you have seen her blog and spied her face in the stamping mags (and if not, here's HER LINK). Thanks Dawn for the chat, it was such a joy!  

Next up is the brilliant Heather Nicholes. It's been said she is a wiz with Kraft paper and white ink. And yes, she certainly is that. But she also has this amazing earthy but sweet design ability and she too is so nice and normal and really down to earth. (and honestly can I stop gushing??) She was willing to take a moment from working the make-and-take table to take a pic and chat a bit. Thanks Pine!! I look forward to your new set release this month!
The last picture I have, but definitely not least is Debbie Olson:

I actually had a pic of us together, but we had our eyes closed, so I thought we would save that picture for the trash can! But as you can see we got to chat. I think hers was the first blog I came across that dropped my jaw to the floor. From then I found all the other amazing PTI DT and the rest is stamping history. You can see from this picture that I have stars in my eyes, which is totally embarrassing, but I was so glad to get to talk with her. She is absolutely lovely and puts in a lot of time to her blog and family. I know she doesn't sleep much, but boy do I love seeing her creations! It was wonderful to get to know her a bit.

Ok. Onto the other amazing designer that I got to meet there, but for some reason didn't get a picture! (what is wrong with me??) She was so busy working the table, that I think I didn't want to interrupt her. But it was none other than Michelle Wooderson. She is queen of this hip vintage vibe that is so great and you know she too is kind and did I say amazing?! Really I think PTI got all the good ones tied up on their Design Team. Way to go!

And can you believe I got to chat briefly with my fellow 365 Card DT member Vicky Cook!?!?! It was SO great to meet her and can you believe I totally spaced taking a picture!? Man was I ticked when I realized that. I looked for her for the rest of the time and never did connect with her again. The funny thing is she doesn't live more than a half hour or so from me. You would think I would just drive to her house to get a picture, but I am pretty sure she would think I was psycho, which I never want to give away too quickly ; ) She was sweet and delightful and has such a pretty and contagious smile. It was fun to meet her face to face. Thanks for saying hi Vicky!!

I had a wonderful time at CHA. Got a lot of good stuff, met a lot of fabulous people and above all got to go with my own mother! It was so so delightful to get away and share together something we both love so much. Thank you mom for being my traveling companion, stamping enthusiast and greatest cheerleader. I love you!!

Ok.. now for the serious news. If you have actually made it this far in my post, you are a complete rock star. Seriously. I just wanted to tell you a little secret I have been keeping for a while. As much as I wish it was me joining another design team or making it into a magazine, alas it is not. But what you can expect from me in 6 months time is giving birth to baby #3. Yes it is crazy and actually not the best timing (thats a different story altogether!) but it is a blessing and we are excited to welcome our new little one into the nest. I am finally out of the first trimester. Not feeling sick or tired as much even though I do have some wicked heart burn. Things are going well but bear with me if I seem spacey and forgetful, that seems to happen a lot to me when I'm in this altered state. I will still be here making cards, even if the majority are baby ones ; )

Alrighty that is all the news for now. You would think for all that talking, there would be more pictures. HA! Keep stopping by. I will have my card for 365 Cards Sketchy Sunday (uh, on sunday) and next week is Art Glitter week, so definitely stay tuned for that and have a great night!!!




Maile Belles said...

Congratulations!!! What exciting news! Glad you are feeling better. Lucky you for getting to meet the PTI ladies, I can only dream!

Deanne said...

Congratulations Kristie! Great pictures with the PTI DT members. Looks like you had a great time!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

OK, first of all, thank you for the shout out, you sweet girl! And secondly (and more important!), CONGRATULATIONS on your big news!!!! So happy for you, Chickie!! What a blessing for your family!


Sophie said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and ... what wonderful news ! CONGRATULATIONS, Kristie !

Anonymous said...

OMG, Kristie! CONGRATS on your baby news! And CHA looks like it was a hoot. ---teri

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