Mar 7, 2009

A Gift For You

For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember this post.  It's last week's PTI blog hop where I made a card using a button that had the name Elizabeth printed on it. I was hoping to send it to someone that had a wonderful friend named Elizabeth in their life. Well, I found a few people who did. (embarrassingly enough I actually DO have an Elizabeth in my life! My little niece!! But we call her Ellie so I just didn't even think of her a Elizabeth. Sometimes I am SO brain-dead!)  

Anyway. The story goes that there was only ONE Elizabeth card and it was quickly claimed, BUT I had a commenter (now new friend) who said that her favorite niece whom had just given birth to baby #2 was an Elizabeth and things were, needless to say, INSANE for her. I instantly related to this (as both of my babies made me insane and tired and sad and overwhelmed). I really wanted to send her something, so in comes today's post. A Gift For You (Elizabeth): 
I have been wanting to remake this container thats been sitting around for awhile. Its actually an old Crystal Light container. I dolled it up with a bit of cheerful paper, filled it with some chocolates, made up a matching card and sent it off to my new friends favorite niece named Elizabeth. 
I used the sentiment "Just For You" From PTI Around & About Sentiments for the container. Just incase someone in that house thinks the chocolate is free game. It is NOT!! For Elizabeth Only!The cards sentiment was especially picked for her. "The joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you." 
From the first moment of reading about Elizabeth I want to take her in my arms and hug her, and say "Raising kids is HARD huh!" (as if we didn't already know that) and maybe cry with her a bit and then I would hold her baby while she napped the day away! Well, I obviously can't do that, but want her to feel some love at this stressful time.  And I think chocolate says love! (yes I have food issues ; )

I also wanted to say that with each tear we kiss away, or helping hand we give to our kids especially during their own stressful times, we give them a little piece of joy. Joy in the love of a mother. And although it is difficult to manage both our emotions and those of our kids. And the time comes when you have to lock yourself in the bathroom just to find some peace, there is in each moment a bit of joy stored up until one wonderful day it unleashes and you realize that all that work, pain, frustration and fear actually pays off. Even if just for one little moment. And all that joy will come back to you.

My father has said more than once that of all the mistakes he has made, having kids would be one that he would repeat over and over and over again. (I wonder... were we all mistakes Dad? GASP!) But I agree. It's tough, but it is the most important job we will ever have. And one day we will be able to see the fruits of our labors.

Hang in there Elizabeth! You are loved by all those that have gone through similar challenges and have lived to tell (and laugh) about it. Here's to being a great mommy! Now go eat some chocolate!

Stamps: PTI Around & About Sentiments, Out on a Limb Sentiments, Friends 'Til The End
Paper: PTI Pure Poppy, Stampers Select White, SU! Summer SUn, American Craft DP
Ink: PTI Pure Poppy, SU! Summer Sun, Basic Black
Accessories: PTI New Leaf Grosgrain Ribbon, Nestabilities Scalloped Circles, Martha Stewart Double Scalloped Line Punch


~amy~ said...

WoW Kristie...super altered project!!!

Anonymous said...

Your card and altered project is `beautiful` Kristie..*love* your style..TFS
`Thanks` for stopping by my blog!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)!♥

scruggle said...

I think that was very sweet of you to send something to the new mom! Love the container and card! Awesome colors!

Sophie said...

I love them both ! The paper is so pretty and I love the way you put the flower behind the bow !

Chris said...

I am the mom of the 'new mom' you sent that very beautiful and oh so thoughtful gift to this week. I cannot tell you how touched I am that a total stranger (only once!) would do something so sweet for my precious (yes, still...'baby') girl. You used one of my fav papers of poppies, sent chocolate that is both our fav (she had to fight me off!). Your creativity brought sunshine into a flu bitten Michigan home this week. This gramma thanks you. You are a kind and generous soul. I am blessed to have your acquaintance and look forward to another meeting with you very soon.

Chris Beresford

Cher said...

lol...and Chris up there is my sis, mom to elizabeth..and it's probly a very good thing I wasn't over there when your present arrived or the 3 of us would be wrestling for chocolate! it really does get us thru some days! lol..Again...your thoughtfulness is so refreshing and so very kind...u really made the day in so many ways! Now if Elizabeth can tear herself away from that new baby she will post her own lil note...You are a treasure! xoxo Cher

Anonymous said...

Where do I begin...well, I am the now famous "Elizabeth" you speak of in your blog and the incredibly grateful receiver of the beautiful and insanely thoughtful gifts. I cannot tell you how my heart just melted and tears came to my eyes when I read your card and felt a warm hug from an absolute stranger. Then to open up this gorgeous container and find my all time favorite....chocolate kisses...of course, I quickly proceeded to devour about 11 in a row without a breath to spare. The best thing about chocolate kisses is the wrappers are so tiny you can crumble them up and make it look like you only had a couple versus the usual 20 that I can throw down in a record 34 seconds. I didn't know if I should keep crying about how darn sweet you are and all of the lovely sentiments in your card or keep sobbing about how the chocolate feast was going to keep the 25 pounds of baby weight on my lower extremities for just that much longer (I will brag and say I have already lost 40...oink oink embarrassing pregnant eating machine I was)!! A couple of eerie things about this unexpected gift was 1.)I own this paper line that you so beautifully crafted the card and container out of and I love it! 2.)I am a chocolate connoisseur and honestly believe hersey kisses are better than even Godiva! 3.)I should be a spokesperson for crystal lite...the disguised container....I literally drink it all day long, have a giant glass of it at my bedside every night and now have a great reason to keep the containers...make gifts such as yours...and 'pay it forward' so the movie title says. You have inspired me to be more thoughtful to people I know and those I should get to know. I think your gift is by far the sweetest thing anyone has ever given me...I won't share that part with my husband, who thinks his gifts are best even though 99% of them are suggestions from my mother and/or friends and he still takes all the credit. I am simply blown away by your kind words and actions. I have shown off this gift to everyone who has come by since and they too dropped their jaws in awe of your kindness. As corny as this may sound, I wish there were more people like you in this would definitely be a better place. Hugs and warm wishes to you, Elizabeth

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