Apr 3, 2014

Paper Smooches: Welcome Baby

You're gonna see a lot of Paper Smooches over the next few days. Cause I think I ordered every set Kim has ever drawn. I'm not kidding. Oh, and a loooooot of watercoloring. I think I have watched every video Jennifer McGuire has done. I can't. stop. watching. Seriously.

So let me show you what Jennifer taught me when I finally stopped watching long enough to make something!

Welcome Baby!
 I really want to get my hands on some of that Distress Watercolor Paper by Tim Holtz. I have some regular water-colour paper from the art store but it warps so badly when you use it, it makes me kinda crazy. I need something tough and durable cause I like using LOTS of water... As I sit here thinking, I don't remember what watercolors I used. I've tried it all.... kids watercolors, washable markers (will show you what I mean soon, its pretty cool), water-colour pencils, ink pads and water. But for the life of me I can't remember what I did. That's just crazy!
I added a hand cut and scored vellum banner and a little pile of string in the background. I've seen this string thing around the blogosphere for awhile now (love when Laura Bassen does it) but I was such a bumbling fool when I was doing it. I kept thinking, "Surely, they just wad it up and drop it down, right?" Well, that must be some special string cause mine was not doing any wadding or dropping. It would tangle then move with all the static I created trying to wad it! It was super intense for a moment, I think I started sweating (you can almost picture it, right?) So, that string probably took more time than the watercoloring. Seriously, someone should do a video on the string alone. That would be helpful. ; )

I added some colouring to my elephants using Copics, a sentiment and some pearls.
Voila! Baby card done. Now I need me a baby to give it too...

Thanks for visiting today. Hope you have a good one!

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