Apr 5, 2014

Hello Baby

Are you up for another watercolored baby card? Good thing, cause that's all I got today.

I tried a new thing this go-round. I watercolored, like I usually do. Although I do wish I would have blended a bit more, but that's over now. What I did try was my hand at was making this super shiny die cut/embellishment. I did it just like all the pro's showed me! However I'm pretty sure they don't emboss their desk while they do it. I'm still trying to scrape all that off. What a mess!
I die cut 4 "baby" sentiments and glued them together. Then covered them with glue (honestly, Singapore doesn't have Versamark!?!? GASP!!) and then heat embossed it over and over and over again until it was thick and shiny and oh, so lovely!
I liked it.

Colored my frog with Copics and added a little die cut crown. I did wonder, does this say I'm calling the baby ugly like a frog? Cause, that's not what I meant at all! Maybe it looks like I'm saying "kiss that baby!" or something. I dunno. I just always have a small freak out at the end of each card, and today it was about the message it sent and not the way it looks. sigh.
Anyone else ever do that? Or are you actually well-adjusted? 
I love all things Paper Smooches. If I ever met Kim, I would totally smooch her... on the cheek of course! And for making such adorable stamps! I just love them. 

ok, folks. That's all for today. Gonna run.
Hope to see you again soon!


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