Oct 11, 2010

It's a "Framed" Christmas

Good evening folks! Tonight I am sharing some Christmas cards. I have been starting to think about what I want to do this year. A few criteria... easy to mass produce, FLAT, and fun to look at. I figured if I don't start now, I really won't get them all done in time. I am not a big fan of mass production, nor a fan of flat cards ; ) so I need to really find something I love. This first one I do really like:

I think it should be stamped on white though. I think the colors will pop better. I like the color combo on this. Not your regular holiday colors. But it wouldn't be easy to reproduce. You have to concentrate to keep everything super straight, and I think my patience would run thin. So maybe only a few like this and then I will move on.

Second sample:
ugh... really really UGH! I actually hate looking at this card. blech... It doesn't help that you can't see the glitter on the snowflakes. The glitter makes it a bit more bearable, but most of it has rubbed off since it only dawned on me to add the glitter once the ink had partially dried. I think this would be a good man-card right? totally manly ; )

Sample 3:
Now I am liking this one, and its pretty easy to pull off. You can't see the glitter that I added to the berries, but I think I would do them with red rhinestones instead. It will really help it sing. And I would do a black frame/sentiment instead of brown and maybe on white paper? Or, this one needs some distressing or inking around the edges to make it a bit more home-y to match up with the cream paper. That might help it.

Anyway. This has been a talk through for my own sake as maybe you can tell! It's been a bit since I have sat down and created without a deadline, or requirement attached, and I think I am a bit rusty! I hope to get some more crafting in soon. How about you? Are you crafting? I hope so!

thanks for stopping in tonight. Have a good one!


Scrapaddict said...

Hi Kristie, I agree the lst one should be on white paper otherwise they are all perfect! How did you draw/stamp/make the frame?

Ink, paper and BLING! said...

I like #3, and you are right rhinestones will make it sing!
Tweet tweet!
The first one I love, and white paper will definately make it that much better, I love a crisp white card. YOu must be better than me at lining things up, what is your trick?
I hav ethis set also and some how i always get it all crooked.

Anonymous said...

Hey! They are great! It is motivating me to stamp! I like what you did.
G in Utah

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