Oct 2, 2010

Hey Dude

Hey there. whew, it's been a loooooong week for some reason. I am feeling super drained from kids and bedtimes and food fights and toy messes. I think I am ready for a weekend where I can leave these kids with their dad for the day! So a little dude-ness to get your weekend started right:

I just love love love this image! I also really love the font style. That Kim Hughes... she really knows how to put a smile on your face right?! This one is made with Clear Cardstock from Short Cuts (who I think are not around anymore? can anyone out there verify? I couldn't find their website)

A bit of orange Copic action and some T1 outlined around the image to help with dimension.
Here is more dude-ness with some green monsters. I love this image too. It's all around a great set. So glad I snagged it! (took me long enough ; ) Ok. so I am trying to breathe deep now. Trying to not feel like this week was a total failure. At least I got some crafting done right?! Ok... Onto the weekend!! On to OCTOBER!!! Hope you have a great one!!


~amy~ said...

Love your fun Dude Cards Kristie!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! G in Utah

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