Jul 5, 2010

Baby Cards

Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated our Independence Day this weekend here in the U.S. and I feel SO humbled and grateful. It's been a wonderful time to spend with my family who is visiting and a good time to remember all that has been sacrificed that we might have this great country of ours. And regardless of the crazy stuff that goes on, it is a great country and we should be grateful!

Ok. I wanted to stop in and share more baby cards before I get crackin' on this day. My parents are here and helping us put in a patio, so I must actually get going. There are pallets of concrete on my lawn that are waiting to be mixed and poured.

Baby card #1:

I messed around with A Little Argyle a bit. That set has endless possibilities and I am still trying to get the hang of it. I think I need to take a look at some argyle around me cause I just couldn't decide which stamps to use from the set and then ended up using a lot of them on top of each other. I need more playing time for sure and get really excited for the possibilities!

baby card #2
Some different uses for the Argyle set and I just LOVE this die cut. And I am getting to use my bear that has been sitting un-inked for quite awhile. Inking new stamps always feels good right : )

We are having a wonderful summer so far! How is yours going?? The weather is hot, but the popsicles are so cold, and you know I love me a nice cold popsicle. Must run now, but thanks for stopping by!
loves to you and yours

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Patti J said...

These are both great! I especially love the multiples sentiment. One of DD's friends had twins on Friday, both babies were OVER 8 pounds - can you imaging???????? We wanna see pics of that patio! Have fun!!!

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