Jul 22, 2010

Baby Bee

Hey there! Long time no blog! Whelp, my parents have gone and now not only am I lonely but I have three kids that are DYING to be talked to, held and played with. So it's back to the grind of life but I have you dear friends to keep me company! SO today I have a baby card to share. I feel like I am so behind in things that need to be done. Making new cards is one of them. It seems every card I make goes to something else and then I always remember too late to take a picture of it! But here is one:

Simple. To the point. This bee is a lot of fun and of course I love buttons!

Welcome little one. Where ever you may bee. (bwhaaaa!)

Have a great night!


Lindalou said...

I love buttons as well. You can never have too many buttons.

Patti J said...

bwhaaa is right! Aren't you just the clever one? Love your card Kristie! That button bee is darling! Great card, my friend. Welcome back!

Lindsay said...

I love the simplicity of this card and of course that bee is too adorable.

Linda Beeson said...

What an adorable little bee.

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